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Patch 9.1 Release Candidate Now Available on the PTR

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Blizzard released the first 9.1 Release Candidate on the PTR today.

Patch 9.1 Build 39069 is tagged as a Release Candidate, which means Blizzard is getting ready to launch Chains of Domination on June 29!

Glory of the Dominant Raider Mount in Patch 9.1

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Today, we are looking at the mount you can get by completing the Sanctum of Domination raid meta-achievement.

Glory of the Dominant Raider requires you to complete various achievements in the new raid. Once you complete them, you will receive…

Bart4k joins Checkmate, bench ROUX

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Checkmate have announced the addition of Baatarkhuu “Bart4k” Batbold from w2c, who has replaced Undrakhbayar “ROUX” Zolbayar in the starting lineup. Baatarkhuu “Bart4k” Batbold comes in as a reinforcement to the lineup shortly after the disbandment of way2champion…

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BCC Season 2 PvP Rings Now Being Removed From players

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As you might have read here today, a recent bug with the launch of Arena Season 1 saw players be able to acquire Season 2 rings for a brief period of time and the Classic community has been in an uproar over it. Now Blizzard are confirming th…

Burning Crusade Classic Hotfixes: June 17th

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Today’s hotfixes bring raid changes and fixes, for Magtheridon’s Lair as well as Karazhan, in addition to a Warlock Arena fix and more.

June 17 (Source)

Warlocks are no longer revealed on the arena frames if they sacrifice a de…

Shadowlands Season 1 Ends on June 28

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The current Mythic and PvP Season will end at 10:00 p.m. PDT on Monday, June 28, meaning you will no longer be able to earn seasonal rewards, titles, or Season 1 rankings.


The current season of Shadowlands PvP and Mythic+ c…

Sanctum of Domination Raid Unlock Schedule

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Here’s the official preview of Sanctum of Domination, the new raid coming in Patch 9.1.

On July 7, Normal and Heroic difficulties will open with Mythic opening a week later on July 14. Earlier today, Blizzard revealed the release date of Patc…

Chains of Domination Will Go Live on June 29

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Patch 9.1 will go live on June 29 (US) and June 30 (EU)!

We finally have a release date for Patch 9.1! Chains of Domination will go live on June 29 in the Americas and one day later (June 30) in EU!


The traitor…

Kill World Boss Dunegorger Kraulok for a Chance at Mollie

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Dunegorger Kraulok is up this week and drops Slightly Damp Pile of Fur, so don’t forget to head to Vol’dun and defeat the world boss for a chance at Mollie.

Slightly Damp Pile of Fur is one of the Alpaca mounts added in Visions of N’Zoth. It …

BCC Season 2 PvP Gear Was Available for a Short Time and Players Still Haven’t Gotten it Removed

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It seems some switches were turned on a LOT earlier than intended and the Burning Crusade Classic PvP vendors were selling some Season 2 gear pieces for a short time. Plenty of players got their hands on them, many of them streamers, and now …

Suspensions Going Out for Karazhan Chess Event Reset Exploit

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Blizzard are bringing the banhammer down in BCC, but this time using a measured and careful approach, as some players have been suspended for significant amounts of time for exploiting Karazhan, but others that did the same thing are not, and…

Shadowlands 9.0.5 Mythic+ DPS Log Rankings and Analysis, Week 15: Fury Rising

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We’re back with the weekly Mythic+ updates, as this week sees Fire rocket even further away from the other specs and Fury rises the most among top players! Luckily Fire will be toned down come 9.1, but it’s going to remain the extreme top dog…

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