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Indications of Patch 9.2.5 Release Date Being as Early as Next Week

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We have another sign of just how close we are to 9.2.5 launching, as Martin Benjamins, a well known dataminer and Community Council member, has spotted that the patch has moved to the production hardware and software side of the PTR! With yes…

Fan-Made Warrior Glyphs and Blacksmith Elementals

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Fishbones06 is back with more glyph options, this time some very angry and very polearm-y Warriors, and we paired that with one of their earlier works with blacksmith-themed elemental glyphs as well!

Starting with the Warriors, we have so…

Cross-Faction Queue for Timewalking Raids in Patch 9.2.5

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Content creator MGM found out during Patch 9.2.5 testing that cross-faction queue works for Timewalking raids, which is a neat feature!

Cross-faction grouping comes with a few limitations; you must be Friends with the person you’re…

Interesting Genn Greymane Patch 9.2.5 Audio Files

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We’re looking at some interesting Genn Greymane audio files from Patch 9.2.5. This post contains spoilers.

The audio files play during the “Eyes of the Wolf” quest when Greymane sends you to meet Calia Menethil in Brill and spy on the Forsake…

Free-to-Play Hero Rotation: Week of May 24th

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The free Hero rotation has been updated for the week of May 24.

Free Hero Rotation: Week of May 24

The following Heroes are on rotation this week:







Shrouded (Shadowlands Season 4 Affix) Tuning in Patch 9.2.5 Release Candidate 1

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Blizzard has updated some abilities cast by Nathrezim Infiltrators in the first Release Candidate of Patch 9.2.5.

Introduction to the Season 4 Affix

The Season 4 affix is called Shrouded and causes groups of mobs to hide a dreadlord that …

Notes for Patch 6.11a Released

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Notes for Patch 6.11a have been released! This update is mainly focused around PVP actions and resolved issues.

It seems like most jobs got a well-needed potency upgrade, with Black Mage getting a cast time improvement. If you are an avid PVP…

Latest Patch 9.2.5 PTR Build Is a Release Candidate

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It has arrived! The very first release candidate for patch 9.2.5 is upon us, indicating that the patch will be coming pretty soon. While we don’t have a strong indication for a specific date, as release candidates come and go during the PTR…

PGL Antwerp 2022 Champions!

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This weekend, thousands of screaming fans in Antwerp and millions of viewers around the world witnessed the crowning of a new Major Champion. Congratulations to FaZe Clan who proved to be an unstoppable force, taking the Grand Final 2-0. Today we’re releasing the champions autograph capsule, featuring autograph stickers in paper, glitter, holo, and gold. […]

Sepulcher of the First Ones Mythic DPS, Tank and Healer Log Rankings, Week 12

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Last week we made the big switch to focus on Mythic logs and today we’re going to be taking a look at the tank and healer situation in the maximum difficulty for the Sepulcher, as well as our usual DPS roundup.


95th Percentile

Arena World Championship Circuit Viewer’s Guide

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In AWC Circuit, the top 8 Arena World Championship teams from Europe and North America compete in a four-week long, round-robin style circuit for one of four invitations per region to the AWC Grand Finals. The event begins on May 28 on YouTube.

Delaryn Summermoon Eyes Changed to Red in Patch 9.2.5

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Blizzard has changed the eye color of Dark Ranger Captain Delaryn Summermoon in Patch 9.2.5. Delaryn was raised by Sylvanas during the Battle for Darkshore. In this post, we speculate about the eye change in more detail.

Delaryn Summermoon wa…

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