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Heroic Imp Solo Finishes Off Fatescribe Raid Boss!

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Here’s a classic tale of Dagpit and Goliath as a raid group didn’t quite manage to kill Fatescribe Roh-Kalo on their own in the Sanctum, but then rose the hero they needed and saved the day.

We’ve seen plenty of everyone’s dead raid boss …

Patch 9.2: Rogue Tier Set Preview

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One of the last tier sets that we haven’t previewed yet is the new Rogue Tier Set. 

The Rogue Tier Set includes the following items:

9.2 Raid – Class Sets – Rogue – Armor – Leather Chest

9.2 Raid – Class Sets – Rogue – Armor – Leat…

Reaper and Sage Weapon Preview

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In less than a week, Warriors of Light will have the option of playing the two new jobs introduced in Endwalker: Reaper and Sage! Adding to our excitement, Square Enix has recently released weapon previews for both jobs on Instagram!

This pos…

A Preview of Hawk Mounts in Patch 9.2

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In Eternity’s End, players will be able to obtain new Hawk mounts through Protoform Synthesis, a new crafting system native to Zereth Mortis. In this post, we preview all tints and the mount special animation.

Hawk mounts have 3 tints. All of…

Class Tier List for Mythic+ in Patch 9.1.5 (Week #4)

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The fourth week of Patch 9.1.5 is ending soon, so we looked at the Tier List for Mythic+.


In this post, we’re taking a look at the tier list for Mythic+ based on the data gathered by The site plots all runs availabl…

How We Get to Zereth Mortis Cutscenes

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We’ve now seen how big Zereth Mortis actually is, so now let’s find out how we get there! Here are two datamined (and very much work in progress) cutscenes that cover how we manage to enter the new patch 9.2 zone, as LeystTV gives us a look! …

FFXIV Official Illustration Countdown – 10 Days Left

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To celebrate the upcoming release of Endwalker, the FFXIV art team is publishing one piece of art each day until the expansion’s official release on Tuesday, December 7! You can view today’s illustration from the Square Enix post below.


A Preview of Stag Mounts in Patch 9.2

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We’re previewing new stag mounts coming in Eternity’s End. Two mounts come from Protoform Synthesis, one mount has a placeholder source, and one tint is unused.

Two stag mounts are available from Protoform Synthesis, a new way of crafting mou…

Diablo Immortal Patch 1.3 & Hotfix Notes

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Diablo Immortal testing is in full swing and Blizzard has posted patch 1.3 notes and hotfixes. The new patch brings a new party finder system, Challenge Rift, Elder Rifts updates, and more.


NOVEMBER 24, 2021 …

Check Out the Endwalker World Tour

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Are you ready to explore the colorful, bustling streets of Radz-at-Han? Are you excited to take your first steps on the moon? In a recent blog post, Square Enix’s Duncan Heaney takes us on a world tour of all the exciting new areas we’ll be explo…

Just How Big Is Zereth Mortis?

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We’ve seen plenty of the new zone coming in patch 9.2, but we didn’t quite get a sense of its actual size. Luckily there are a couple of comparisons with existing landmasses available, starting with dataminer Simaia’s:

going to end it …

What the Heal Am I Doing? Episode 2 Out Now

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The second episode of “What the Heal Am I Doing?” is out now, featuring healer expert Momo as he describes the differences between FFXIV’s two pure healers: Astrologian and White Mage.

Throughout the video, Momo explains the different sp…

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