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Thandie Newton Reveals What It Was Like To Work With ‘Dominant Individual’ Tom Cruise

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Thandie Newton shared what it was like working alongside Tom Cruise, who she called “a very dominant individual.” In a new interview with Vulture, the actor divulged what it felt like on the set of “Mission: Impossible 2” w…

Operation Sentinel to create ring of steel around Melbourne

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More than 1200 police officers under Operation Sentinel will form something similar to a ring of steel around metropolitan Melbourne to enforce the lockdown.

Jogger finds human head on the side of the road in Florida

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A woman out for a run in St. Petersburg, Florida, came across a decomposing human head on the side of the road on Tuesday, according to police.

Anthony Anderson Reveals Worst Job For A Black Man In America On ‘Jimmy Kimmel’

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Anthony Anderson jumped into his guest monologue on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Monday by blasting Fourth of July weekend revellers who ignored coronavirus safety guidelines.

“Lots of maskless people out partying as if they’d never heard of the coronavirus,” the “Black-ish” actor remarked.

As an example, Anderson cut to video of the Diamond Lake party in Michigan that made headlines for its absence of social distancing and masks. The guest host spotted one Black person in the shallow water ― the security guard.


“By the way, you know who has the worst job in America?” Anderson asked. “This brother right here, who had to stand knee-deep in COVID juice listening to a bunch of drunk white people singing Guns N’ Roses. Get that man a raise ― and a vaccine!”

Anderson, the first of the show’s fill-in hosts during Kimmel’s summer off, also joked about Kanye West’s announced bid for the presidency. It seems the rapper has a few things to do before he can be considered a legitimate candidate.

Let Anderson explain, above.

Two cases of bubonic plague may have infected hundreds

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Russian authorities have warned people near the country’s border with Mongolia not to hunt or eat marmots after an outbreak of bubonic plague.

Ross Swimming Pool Closure

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Wet and Wild: residents are upset about proposed closure of Ross Pool, and some have other ideas.

Lebanon’s Hezbollah opens illegal border crossing with Syria: Report

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Hezbollah has opened a new illegal border crossing along Lebanon’s eastern border with Syria, a recent report said.The Iran-backed group has developed the border crossing, previously used to

Timeline: A look back at recent explosions and fires across Iran

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A series of suspicious explosions and fires in Iran’s military and industrial facilities over the past few weeks have raised questions about the cause of these incidents.A considerable number of

Full Victoria lockdown estimated to cost $1bn every week

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Full lockdown restrictions across Victoria could drain the state’s economy of $1 billion each week, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has estimated.

I Got A Medical Tourist Visa To Give Birth In Another Country

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The phrase “medical tourism” might make you think of getting dental surgery in Mexico or plastic surgery in the Dominican Republic, where the procedures are cheaper than at home. Traveling abroad to give birth? Probably not the first thing …

Will Reimposed COVID-19 Restrictions Work in Victoria?

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Young woman wearing a face mask walking through the streets of Melbourne, Australia on a sunny day

What is the significance of the re-imposed ‘lockdown’ in Victoria, and will it work? Experts respond.

Here’s A Quick Lesson On Why You Should Never, Ever Approach A Bear

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A woman in Romania tried to nab a quick photo with a wild bear. The bear had other plans.  

The footage captured last week in Bacău showed the woman inching closer to the bear while someone nearby attempted to take a photo.

The bear suddenly lunged forward and the woman ran.

The unnamed person who took the video told licensor Viral Hog that in fleeing the bear, the woman leaped out into the road “risking getting herself hit by a car.” Fortunately, there were no cars and the bear did not give pursuit.   

Romania has the largest bear population in Europe ― and the most bear attacks ― according to a study in the journal Nature published last year. That study found 11 deaths blamed on bear attacks between 2000 and 2015, a number that has since risen. 

In one month last year, three men were killed in bear attacks, per the BBC. By December, local officials claimed that eight 8 people had been killed by bears during the year, leading to calls for more aggressive population control measures.

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