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Young women catching COVID-19 more than any other group in NSW

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Females in their twenties have been infected with COVID-19 more than any other demographic in New South Wales

Females in their twenties have been infected with COVID-19 more than any other demographic in New South Wales, according to latest state government data.

While COVID-19 is most deadly to the elderly and people with serious health conditions, males and females aged between 20 – 40 comprise 37 per cent of total NSW infections.

Males in their twenties are the second most infected group in NSW, with 283 cases. Females in the same age bracket top the coronavirus table, with 354 infections.

Graph showing daily COVID-19 tests and coronavirus cases in New South Wales, Australia.

The next highest age demographics are men and women aged 30-39, with 248 cases in each group.

When the state's social distancing guidelines were rolled out, police were frustrated at the number of young people who refused to comply.

These figures could reflect the challenges police faced.

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With case numbers across the state dropping dramatically in April, Premier Gladys Berejiklian today declared NSW residents will enjoy greater freedoms in May.

Last week NSW surpassed 3000 known coronavirus cases, though many experts believe the actual number of infections in the state is far greater.

With a total of just 30 cases, boys and girls aged under 10 made up less than one per cent of total cases. That number increased to 92 among male and female teenagers.

Those statistics add weight to Federal Government health advice, which has repeatedly asserted the contagious nature of COVID-19 is not reflected in younger age groups. 

Schools across NSW are preparing to for a staggered start of face-to-face teaching from week three of Term 2. Some independent schools have gone early on this initiative, and will adopt the system next week.

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Data from NSW Health does not confirm what age group has suffered most COVID-19 fatalities. As of Tuesday, there have been 37 deaths in the state.

Anyone aged over 70 is seen as very vulnerable to the virus.

In NSW, 454 people aged 70 and older have contracted COVID-19.

Drilling deeper into data on the elderly demographic, 39 people aged over 90 have been infected.

People are seen on rocks at the south end of Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia.Mounted police patrol a mostly empty Bondi Beach and speak to people about  NSW social distancing laws.

Of the 3004 cases which had been recorded by NSW Health on Sunday, more than half have been tracked and traced to an infection originally contracted overseas.

NSW Health data shows 1747 cases could be tracked back to an overseas source, with 68 caused by interstate transmission.

More than 10 per cent of cases fall into the troublesome "contact not identified" category, where officials were unable to confirm how someone caught the virus.

When this occurs, NSW Health declares that neighbourhood a hot spot.

A total of 366 cases have baffled the state's track and trace teams.

Waverley in Sydney's affluent east has been the state's worst hit area and hot spot, with 181 known cases.

Sydney, with 158, and the Northern Beaches, on 154, are not far behind.

The Central Coast is the fourth-worst affected part of NSW, with 116 cases.

Ms Berejikilian said it was "inevitable" cluster outbreaks would occur in the community and at school as social distancing measures are eased next month.

Young people congregate in Bondi.Mounted police move people on at Bondi.

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