March 4, 2021

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Wrapping Up 2021 Exhibition with Wanda-ful Finale

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<p><img width="1000" height="667" src="" class="attachment-large size-large wp-post-image" alt="" loading="lazy"></p>Four weeks after Wanda Round 2021 was first launched in Bicheno, the seaside artist-in-residence exhibition is set to wrap up its final day with a festive farewell on Sunday 31 January from 12-5pm. Sunday’s event is open to the general public and will feature food by David Quon’s Surf Taco Van, east coast beer by […]

Four weeks after Wanda Round 2021 was first launched in Bicheno, the seaside artist-in-residence exhibition is set to wrap up its final day with a festive farewell on Sunday 31 January from 12-5pm.

Sunday’s event is open to the general public and will feature food by David Quon’s Surf Taco Van, east coast beer by Bicheno Beer and tunes live streamed in thanks to DJ TVDiSKO all the way from New Zealand. Plus, the artists from Wanda Round – Anita Bacic, Jennifer Tyers, Louisa Jenkinson and Rose Turtle Ertler – will be sharing the work they’ve been working on since day one.

Wanda Round has plenty to celebrate, having had over a thousand visitors through the exhibition’s metaphorical gates (to put this number into perspective, the town of Bicheno has a total population of approximately 950).

The locals, tourists, plus a mix of celebrities including an Olympic swimmer, Australian filmmakers and local and state politicians have all embraced what Wanda Round has on offer, often dropping in more than once to get their daily dose of the arts.

Despite the rain much of Australia experienced in January, Bicheno remained relatively dry throughout January, upholding the town reputation as one of the sunniest spots in Tasmania. The fine weather allowed Wanda Round’s weekly workshops to be held outdoors as planned, teaching those attending the skills of olla pot making, the power of words zine-making and plein air watercolour painting.

Wanda Round Artists LR: Anita Bacic, Louisa Jenkinson, Jennifer Tyers, Rose Turtle Ertler. All images courtesy Sophie Reid.

Wanda Round 2021 by design was the ideal setup for a public event in 2021 with each artist working in and around the Wanda Round caravans. The exhibition naturally allowed for social distancing in an outdoor setting, while still providing opportunity and encouraging positive social interactions, which are so essential to individuals and society – yet were mostly in such short supply in 2020.

“After years of working as an artist I was keen to bring art out of the gallery, onto the streets, and into an informal and laid-back space. And you don’t get more laid back than a couple of caravans in Bicheno in January,” explained Wanda Round founder and artist Anita Bacic.

“Wanda Round 2021 has been a great experience for both myself and the other artists and I hope for the Bicheno people as well. We have had countless repeat visitors who have come to see what we’re working on, observe the progression of the art, with many keen to delve deeper into what it is that is behind the work we are doing. We’ve welcomed many curious pedestrians as they pass-by, encouraging them to visit the site and participate in the work themselves. It’s been an evolving experience for all the artists, as we adapted to the unique site itself, our visitors and the ever-changing weather conditions.”

In a year where flying off to far-flung destinations was off the cards for Australians, Wanda Round 2021 made sure nobody was missing out on art in north-eastern Tasmania.

“I’m really thrilled with how Wanda Round 2021 has been welcomed by both the Bicheno community and visitors to this beautiful part of the East Coast and we look forward to bringing Wanda Round back in 2022.”

If you are in the Bicheno area this weekend you can drop by on Saturday for the exhibition or Sunday for the Farewell Event.

Directions: Corner Burgess/Fosters Streets (next door to Makers Creators and the Community Garden)

Information: For general enquiries call Rod Paterson, Project Manager on +61 416 127 689 or visit

Social Media: Follow us on the following social media accounts or search #wandaroundtas for regular updates on Wanda Round 2021: Facebook —  Twitter — Instagram

The four Wanda Round 2021 artists give a summary of the works they’ve created during Wanda Round 2021

Anita Bacic

‘Wanda’ the caravan is an ongoing project space, a continuation of Wanda Round 2020’s camera obscura and explorations of light. In 2021 digital images from 2020 have been worked into embroideries – cross-stitch as pixel, and textured cotton thread as a 3D element to the otherwise 2D images.

The embroideries are a continuation of my explorations of image creation, where digital and analogue meet and are an almost ‘low-resolution’ final image. In addition, I have continued creating experiences with light and physical space, using coloured cellophane paper to create coloured space for people to experience – first there was a red one and the last a green space. The final will be a dark room with embroidered works. People are enjoying the coloured spaces and are curious as to what is going on and the background of the embroideries. The embroideries are a starting point for a larger body of work that I will continue to add to.

See featured image above: Light Experiments.

Jennifer Tyers

The work I created is a panorama in 5 panels of Bicheno. The format and display style using canvas with eyelets seen in, stretched over a frame is meant to reflect on the nautical history of Bicheno – fishermen, seaside life and swimmers. It’s also easily transportable and collapsible.

People have been curious in seeing how the paintings have progressed from the small initial mock-ups and Bicheno locals have been interested to see their own activities in the panels. I wanted the paintings to express something about Bicheno through my style. When the Wanda Round event is finished the paintings will be sold.

Louisa Jenkinson

I have been documenting the site, using ‘snares’ to record the wind and by repeated drawing of an object found at the Opening. I am also making written recordings of my observations and conversations. Upon entering the Department of Applied Thinking visitors are asked if they would like to ask or answer a question. Most are open to this unexpected interaction with me as an artist and the artwork how some are not. The wind recordings place around the Wanda Round perimeter are a ‘way in for some people’ as they can be viewed before entering the site. I have 40 wind recordings, 150 drawings by hand and 16 logged ship journeys. This forms part of DATs ongoing documentation and data collection which informs later projects. The hand drawings are going to the Brooklyn Art Library Sketch Book Project and collected numbers, dates, destinations and phrases will cross correct with future DAT projects.

Rose Turtle Ertler

During Wanda Round, my Complimentary Caravan was open for visitors to sit inside and hear a soundtrack of relentless compliments. These were recorded in the local community prior to the event. Mostly visitors to the site seemed pleasantly surprised to find us here. Most people came out of the caravan smiling but a few with tears. Some thanked me for doing something positive in this world where we are so often bombarded with bad news. I will continue to collect compliments. I am starting to plan a large installation with over 2,000 handwritten compliments I’ve collected in the last few years.

Source: Tasmanian Times

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