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Woman who ‘bit into strawberry containing needle’ had to go to hospital

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Queensland strawberries are at the centre of an investigation, after more Sunshine Coast-grown fruits were found contaminated with needles.

Queensland strawberries are at the centre of an investigation after fruits were allegedly found contaminated with needles in the second of two incidents in South Australia in two days.

Shopper Erin Gelken says she pricked her tongue when she bit into a strawberry bought at Aldi in Port Pirie.

Partner Mitchell Thomas said they were left "shaken up" and his partner was forced to go to hospital for tetanus injections and blood tests.

"(She) bit the first one first one was all good second one and the needle pricked her tongue unfortunately," Mr Thomas told 9News.

"It's absolutely abhorrent, it's not good for the industry, these are industry killers."

The couple reported the find to police, who they say took the berries.

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The most recent case of contamination was found inside a Twin View Berries punnet of strawberries, which are grown and packed in Queensland.

But at this stage of the investigation, it's unknown exactly when and where the sabotage happened.

Aldi didn't want to comment.

As reported by 9News, a boy aged 11 also found pins in strawberries near Adelaide this week.

He was chopping up the fruit when he made the discovery, mother Anne Lentakis, said.

She said she "did a double take" and shared her worrying find on social media to warn others.

"We cut four strawberries out of the punnet and three of them had pins in there," she said.

Those berries were bought from Romeo's Foodland in Stirling, near Adelaide, which is working with police, who are investigating.

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Two years ago there was a nationwide scare when needles were found in strawberries, which originated from farms across Queensland.

Deliberately contaminating food carries a jail sentence.

Source: 9News

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