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William Tyrrell’s sister vows to become a detective and find him

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The girl was playing with her younger sibling when the three-year-old vanished from their foster grandmother’s Kendall home in 2014.

William Tyrrell's sister has spoken publicly for the first time, telling the inquest not enough is being done to find her brother.

The girl, who cannot be identified, was playing with her younger sibling when three-year-old William vanished from their foster grandmother's Kendall home in 2014.

"This is my brother we're talking about, in my mind no one is trying so I've made the decision to do something about that, to talk," she said in a recorded statement to the court.

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William Tyrrell disappeared in September, 2014.

"When I'm officially an adult I will be in the police force, a detective specifically and I will find my brother and not give up until he is found."

The statement was played on the final day of the inquest, which began in March 2019.

William's foster parents also spoke about the little boy with a giggle that was infectious.

"He immediately had my heart and I had his," his foster father said.

But they also spoke of their frustrations at the lack of progress, a reduction in policing resources and the cold approach of some.

"Our fear is for the family who come behind us. No other family should feel the need that they need to fight tooth and nail… No other family should ever be made to feel that their loved ones do not matter."

"It's a parents right to know what's happening with your child. Today we are at the same point we were six years ago.

"We will never ever give up on William."

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William Tyrrell photographed the morning of his disappearance.

A statement was also read on behalf of the biological family.

"William's father will never be the same, William's grandmother will never be the same, life will never be the same again."

The coroner will deliver her findings in June 2021.

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