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What countries has coronavirus spread to?

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The first death outside Wuhan has been confirmed in Beijing, taking the death toll to 82.

The death toll from the novel coronavirus has climbed again in China, with 106 people now dead from the disease since it was detected at the end of last year.

The total number of confirmed cases in the country has also climbed beyond 4,000, and it has spread far beyond the borders of the Hubei province where it originated.

The first death outside Wuhan has been confirmed in Beijing, and the only other case of human to human infection has occurred in Vietnam.

Large parts of China are in lockdown and many people are stranded inside the epicentre.

Cases have been confirmed across Asia, in the United States and as far-reaching as Europe and Australia.

China's deadly coronavirus has spread around the world.


There are currently five confirmed cases of coronavirus in Australia, four in New South Wales, and one in Victoria.

The most recent case is a 21-year-old woman from the University of New South Wales, who arrived in Sydney on the final plane allowed in from Wuhan, China last week.


In China, 82 people have died from coronavirus and more than 2,700 have been infected.

The country's increasingly drastic containment efforts began with the January 22 suspension of plane, train and bus links to Wuhan, a city of 11 million people in central China where the virus was first detected last month.

That lockdown has expanded to 17 cities with more than 50 million people - the most far-reaching disease-control measures ever imposed.

The first death outside Wuhan has been confirmed in Beijing, taking the death toll to 82.

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Medical workers in protective gear talk with a woman suspected of being ill with a coronavirus at a community health station in Wuhan in central China's Hubei Province.New coronavirus strain: What you need to know


A man and his son, who he passed the virus to, are being treated for coronavirus in Vietnam. Both are stable. This is the only know case outside China where the disease has been spread from human to human.

Hong Kong

Six people have contracted the disease in Hong Kong, and over 380 more cases are suspected. The outbreak has been declared as an "emergency".

Sri Lanka

The most recent case of coronavirus spreading to another country has been detected in Sri Lanka.

United States

Four cases of the disease have been reported in the US. At least two patients had travelled through Wuhan.


A Toronto couple who had travelled to Wuhan were diagnosed with coronavirus after arriving back in Canada on January 22.


The first case of coronavirus in Cambodia was confirmed on January 27, in the coastal town of Sihanoukville. The patient is believed to be a Chinese national.

How to protect yourself from coronavirus


The first European country to be affected by coronavirus is France, where there are three confirmed cases of the disease. All three had previously travelled to China.


Four cases of coronavirus have been detected in Japan. All are believed to be either from Wuhan or had travelled from the city.


In Malaysia, four Chinese nationals on holiday from Wuhan via Singapore have been diagnosed with coronavirus.

A Chinese girl wears a protective mask as she stands on an overlook towards the Forbidden City, which was closed by authorities, during the Chinese New Year holiday on January 26, 2020 in Beijing, China.


One man in Nepal tested positive for coronavirus after arriving back from Wuhan. He was quarantined, made a full recovery and released from hospital.


There have been four cases of the disease in Singapore.

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South Korea

Four cases of coronavirus have been reported in South Korea.


There are three reported cases in Taiwan so far.


Eight cases have been detected in Thailand. Of those, five patients have recovered and been sent home.é

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