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Wet weekend in store for most of Australia

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Here is what’s expected for the weather on Saturday June 13, 2020 across Australia.

It's set to be a wet start to the weekend across most of the country thanks to multiple weather systems bringing rain and thunderstorms to several states.

Rain is forecast all the way from Cairns, down along the eastern seaboard and around the south and over to Perth. Even Tasmania won't escape the falls on Saturday.

And that's all thanks to multiple weather systems.

A trough and cold front crossing southern WA and western SA is generating rain, showers and gusty winds.

Onshore winds feeding into a low pressure trough along the NSW and eastern Queensland coasts are triggering showers.

A weak trough near Tasmania is causing patchy showers.

Here's what to expect state-by-state:


A slight to medium chance of showers through the much of central Queensland, increasing to a medium to high chance of showers about most of eastern Queensland south of about Cairns, with some late rain areas developing in parts.

The chance of thunderstorms about the central coast extending to parts of the southern and central interior along with parts of the southeast during the day.

Temperature are expected to be well above average for this time of year, especially minimum temperatures.

Cairn is expecting a high of 28 and a low of 21 but it's a little cooler down the coast with a maximum 24 forecast around Brisbane and the Gold Coast, with it dropping down to a minimum of 15.

Mostly light to moderate east to northeasterly winds, tending northwest to southwesterly in the west during the day.

New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory

Cloud increasing and a shower or two developing in most areas except far northwest. Showers becoming more frequent about western slopes and the central inland during the evening.

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The chance of a late thunderstorm over the central inland and the western slopes.

Daytime temperatures above average, most notably in the northwest with Bourke tipped to reach 23.

While Canberra and Orange will shiver with lows of 3 and 4, respectively.

Northerly winds, freshening about the southern coast and western inland. A late westerly change in the far west.


There'll be morning fog and frost patches in the southeast.

Rain extending from the west during the afternoon and evening although remaining dry over East Gippsland.

The slight chance of a thunderstorm near the far southwest coast.

A cool-to-mild day across the state and becoming cloudy with freshening northerly winds, with highs of 16 in Melbourne and 15 in Bendigo.

There is currently a Severe Weather Warning in place for damaging winds for people in parts of Central, South West, North Central, North East and West and South Gippsland Forecast Districts.

A vigorous north to northwesterly air stream will develop during Saturday ahead of a cold front, which is expected to move over Victoria later in the day.

There are also Marine Wind Warnings in place with a Gale Warning for the West Coast and a Strong Wind Warning for Port Phillip, Central Coast and East Gippsland Coast.

The next Severe Weather Warning will be issued by 5:00 am AEST Saturday and the next marine wind warning summary will be issued by 5:10 am EST Saturday.


Light showers about the Western Tiers, increasing during the evening and extending to the west.

Fine elsewhere apart from some patchy morning fog. Highs of 16 in Launceston and Swansea and lows of 3 in Geeveston.

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North to northeasterly winds, freshening during the afternoon.

There are currently Marine Wind Warnings in place with a Gale Warning for the Central West Coast area and a Strong Wind Warning for Central Plateau Lakes, Far North West Coast, Upper East Coast, Lower East Coast, South East Coast and South West Coast.

The next marine wind warning summary will be issued by 5:00 am EST Saturday.

South Australia

A band of rain in the west, extending to the east during the morning and clearing from the west to eastern states by evening.

Possible morning thunderstorms in the west and in the southern agricultural area in the afternoon.

Cool in the west and south, grading to warm in the far northeast, where temperatures will reach highs of 23.

Moderate to fresh northeast to northwest winds, strong and squally in the south, ahead of a moderate to fresh west to southwesterly change in the west during the morning, extending throughout by evening, strong about southern coasts.

While it will be windy at times in Adelaide during Saturday morning and early afternoon, the metropolitan area is not expected to see damaging winds.

A Severe Weather Warning is in place for damaging winds for people in Mount Lofty Ranges, Lower Eyre Peninsula, Yorke Peninsula, Kangaroo Island and parts of Eastern Eyre Peninsula, Mid North, Murraylands, Upper South East and Lower South East districts.

There are also Marine Wind Warnings in place with a Gale Warning for the Lower West Coast, Central Coast, South Central Coast, Upper South East Coast and Lower South East Coast.

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There are Strong Wind Warnings for Adelaide Metropolitan Waters, Far West Coast, Upper West Coast, Spencer Gulf, Gulf St Vincent and Investigator Strait.

The next Severe Weather Warning will be issued by 5:00 am ACST Saturday and the next marine wind warning summary will be issued by 5:10 am CST Saturday.

Western Australia

Showers, cool-to-cold in the southwest with Kalgoorlie reaching lows of 2.

A clearing shower and cool-to-cold temperatures in the south of the state, while it will be mostly sunny, cool-to-mild in the northwest. Sunny, very warm in the northeast, where temperatures will reach 36 in Kununurra.

A Strong Wind Warning is currently in place for the Leeuwin Coast, Albany Coast, Esperance Coast and Eucla Coast.

The next marine wind warning summary will be issued by 4:00 am WST Saturday.

Northern Territory

Mostly sunny, very warm in the north with Darwin set to reach a top of 33.

A slight chance of showers in the far northeast Arnhem and southwest Lasseter Districts.

Partly cloudy over the Lasseter and southwestern Simpson District, sunny elsewhere.

Warmer in the south ahead of a cool and gusty southerly change extending north to Ti Tree by the evening.

– Reported with Weatherzone and Bureau of Meteorology

Source: 9News

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