February 28, 2021

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‘We won’t let you get away with it’, police tell Bourke St driver

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<p>Police have issued a stern warning to the two men who drove erratically down Melbourne's Bourke Street mall yesterday, terrifying pedestrians forcing them to flee for safety.</p>

Victoria Police believe they are close to catching the driver and passenger who terrified pedestrians on Bourke Street yesterday when they drove erratically through the mall.

In distressing scenes reminiscent of the 2017 Bourke Street attack, two men in a green Mitsubishi Lancer turned into the mall when police followed them after realising their license plates did not match the car.

"You can be confident that we will identify you. We will come knocking on your door and we will arrest you," Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius warned the culprits today.

"Do the right thing – come in and hand yourselves in.

"We won't let you get away with it."

The car was later found dumped in an under ground car park on Ashworth Street in Albert Park.

Mr Cornelius said officers were investigating a connection between the two men and the building where the car was deserted, as the car park can only be accessed with a fob.

The harrowing incident happened just before 5pm yesterday, with bystanders on Bourke Street having to jump for safety.

Mr Cornelius said police were satisfied this was not a "hostile vehicle attack" and the men in the car were evading police after officers turned on their lights upon realising the plates did not match.

But given the traumatic events of 2017, the assistant commissioner said he understood how alarmed the public was.

"Given this is another incident at Bourke Street and we know the history of Bourke Street, we the police absolutely get the concern around community safety," he said.

"As people come back to the city .... workers should feel confident about coming back."

Mr Cornelius said the officers following the men were "of course concerned" the incident could have been another attack.

"Our members very much had that playing in their mind."

Police said the car drove into the mall towards Elizabeth when trams stopped it from driving further on Swanston Street away from the officers.

When they reached Elizabeth Street they were again blocked.

The driver then did a U-turn and hit a bollard outside Myer.

Police got out of their vehicle to try and stop the car, when the passenger got out and ran off.

Officers stayed focused on the car, which turned left at Swanston Street before taking another left down Little Lonsdale Street which is around the point police lost contact.

Mr Cornelius said police knew who the plates and car were registered to.

The two men in the car are Caucasian and believed to be in their late teens to mid-twenties.

The driver has short dark hair, was wearing a baseball cap and white gloves - similar to golf gloves.

Anyone with video or dashcam footage should share with police via Crime Stoppers.

Source: 9News https://www.9news.com.au/national/melbourne-news-police-hone-in-on-erratic-bourke-street-driver/61c39379-74cb-4215-9224-0052d0948611

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