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Warm temperatures test social distancing in Sydney

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Temperatures are forecast for a summery high today and Sydneysiders are out and about making the most of it, but what does this mean for social distancing?

Sydney has recorded its hottest Spring day in 25 years, with temperatures surpassing 30 degrees.

Today's summery high saw the city's observatory Hill weather station reach 30.5C just before 2pm, about 10 degrees above average for this time of year.

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WeatherZone said the last time the city reached 30 so early in a season was back in 1995.

Sydneysiders flocked to beaches and public spaces to make the most of the early Spring warmth.

Yet, as Australia continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, what does this mean for social distancing?

Groups of locals were spotted walking and running along the pathway, as well as using outdoor gym equipment.

Sydney weather social distancingSydney weather social distancing

As the day continued to heat up, crowds of swimmers, surfers and sun bathers soak up the sun at Bondi and Coogee beaches.

Similar scenes at Bondi and Manly took place over the weekend, with hundreds taking to the sand as unusually high temperatures drew winter to a close.

Despite the beach being a place everyone wanted to be, most people adhered to social distancing regulations on Sunday, one of the hottest days in months.

'It's really great to see people physical distancing and abiding by the public health order," lifesaver Matt du Plessis told 9News.

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COVID-19 could 'run rampant' in summer

Australia's Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Nick Coatsworth warned Australians not to be complacent with social distancing as the weather warms after coronavirus "ran rampant" in other nations during summer.

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"We absolutely cannot assume that because we're moving into the summer months, when other respiratory viruses traditionally decrease, that COVID-19 would also decreased," Dr Coatsworth said yesterday.

"So, the message is, as we move into the summer months, treat the summer with as much caution as you've treated winter.

He told everyone to maintain physical distance when outside and get tested if unwell.

"Don't go to a family gathering down at the beach if you're unwell or the kids are unwell. Stay at home and get yourself tested. Wear a mask if you're on public transport going to and from those areas."

NSW recorded 12 new coronavirus cases today and 17 yesterday.

Source: 9News

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