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WA government announce booze restrictions for ‘public safety’

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Western Australia’s state government have announced alcohol restrictions as part of ‘sensible measures’ during the coronavirus pandemic.

Western Australia's state government have announced alcohol restrictions from Wednesday as part of 'sensible measures' during the coronavirus pandemic.

WA Premier Mark McGowan spoke to media to announce stage two of federal government restrictions and the special conditions that have been applied to the state.

"Further to the restrictions announced last night, in Western Australia, we have introduced temporary restrictions on takeaway alcohol as of 10am this morning," Mr McGowan said at a press conference.

"In consultation with the Commissioner of Police and the Health Minister, these new restrictions will apply across the state, except where existing restrictions are already in place.

"This is about what is needed to protect our community right now. We need our police focused on the important job they are doing.

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WA Premier Mark McGowan

"We need our hospitals focused on the COVID-19 response. Preparing our state to respond to COVID-19, means minimising alcohol-related problems in our community.

"The restrictions will be implemented for a minimum two-week period and can be reviewed, altered or extended at any time.

"These restrictions are not intended to stop people from having a responsible drink. Right now I don't want alcohol-related problems to be stretching our police force and putting more pressure on our hospital system.

"These are sensible and necessary steps during these extreme times."

As part of the restrictions, residents of WA will now only be permitted to purchase the following each day, per person.

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The WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson spoke in greater depth about the new alcohol restrictions, and wanted to assure people it was not a prohibition measure.

"This is a sensible precaution while we're in a state of emergency. This is all about public safety and assurance," Commissioner Dawson said.

"We know it's a stressful time for our community and we don't want people buying to excess.

"I've had reports of people filling shopping trolleys right up with alcohol.

"I stress that this is not prohibition. The quantities that a person can buy per day is in excess of 100 standard drinks of alcohol per day. This is to address anyone that is purchasing far in excess of what anyone could reasonably consume."

Source: 9News

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