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Victoria records eight more deaths, 278 new coronavirus cases

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Victoria has recorded 278 new coronavirus cases – the lowest daily number of new cases in almost a month.

Victoria has recorded 278 new coronavirus cases – the lowest daily number of new cases in almost a month.

A further eight people died from the virus, the Department of Health and Human Services announced this morning.

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The new deaths include a woman in her 50s, two men in their 70s, two women in their 80s, two men in their 80s, and one man in his 90s.

Of the fatalities, four were linked to aged care outbreaks.

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There are 664 Victorians in hospital, including 37 patients receiving intensive care and 25 people on ventilators.

Victoria's COVID-19 tally now sits at 15,863 cases.

Police officers pulling over cars on Rathdowne street in Carlton, Melbourne.

The state has 3068 cases with an unknown source, 1140 active cases among healthcare workers and 2018 active cases across 125 aged care facilities.

An elderly woman has also died from coronavirus in NSW, health authorities confirmed this morning.

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The parliamentary inquiry which has been probing the Victorian government's response to the coronavirus pandemic continues today, with Transport Minister Jacinta Allan and City of Melbourne Lord Mayor Sally Capp fronting the committee.

Aged care homes under state control

The state government has taken control of another three aged care homes - Glendale Aged Care, Florence Aged Care and Kalyna Care - in an attempt to stem the outbreak in aged care facilities.

"There are three aged care facilities in broad terms in the west of Melbourne that are of particular concern and public health services have today … assumed operational management responsibility," Mr Andrews said.

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"We've essentially assumed responsibility, taken over those facilities for the purposes of the highest-quality care and to deal with challenging circumstances in each of those three. That is by no means the first."

Almost 1,400 shifts had been covered by hospital staff - nurses and others - and there are more than 400 private aged care residents who had been transferred into hospital, the premier said.

Mr Andrews said decisions on moving aged care residents into hospital were made on a case-by-case basis.

"Doctors and nurses have sat down on a case-by-case basis and made assessments, based on clinical need, about what is the best way to handle the cove outbreak, the COVID presence, the fact that the virus has got into these aged care facilities," he said.

"In some cases, all of the negative cases have been taken out and have gone to hospital. In some cases, all of the positive cases have been taken out and have gone to hospital. In other cases, it's a mixture of both.

"They are decisions that are, rightly, made by treating doctors, experts in this field.

"It is very challenging and often quite traumatic, and can in fact be tragic, if people are, without due consideration to their individual circumstances, and their clinical need, simply moved from one setting."

'Concerning' growth in virus cases in regional Victoria

An alarming growth in COVID-19 cases across Victoria's largest three regional cities of Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo has sparked a rapid testing blitz.

Three additional testing sites will be opened in the cities from tomorrow in a bid to stop the spread of growing coronavirus cases.

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Premier Daniel Andrews said health authorities were closely monitoring the rise in virus cases across regional Victoria.

Coronavirus: Victorian Premier stresses importance of testing

"They remain low in total terms, but we have seen some significant growth of cases in Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo," Mr Andrews said.

"That is of obvious concern to us. We're monitoring that closely."

Premier grilled again over ADF assistance

Mr Andrews has addressed the heated debate over whether ADF help was offered for hotel quarantine.

When asked about reports claiming 100 ADF personnel were put on stand-by for the hotel quarantine, Mr Andrews said: "I see some reports, but there's no names associated with any of those reports."

Australian Defense Force (ADF) personnel and Protective service officers are seen on patrol at the Tan running track on August 06, 2020 in Melbourne, Australia.

"My only quarrel, my only argument, my only thought is with the coronavirus.

"That is my exclusive focus. I will again refer you to the fact that (Emergency Commissioner Andrew Crisp) issued a statement and as far as I'm concerned, I just don't have the time."

Mr Andrews said his focus was on saving lives during Victoria's second wave.

"This is not a popularity contest, it's a global pandemic. That's my focus, and it will not be changing," he said.

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