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Victoria records darkest day of COVID-19 pandemic, 15 fatalities and 725 new cases

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One of the people who died as a result of COVID-19 was a man in his 30s.

Victoria has recorded its darkest day of the COVID-19 pandemic, registering 15 additional deaths and 725 new cases overnight.

The state's death toll now stands at 162, and one of the virus' latest victims is a man in his 30s.

Of the 15 overnight deaths, 12 are linked to aged care.

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"Can I send my heartfelt condolences and sympathies to each of those families," Premier Daniel Andrews said.

"This will be a terrible time and any and all support we can provide to you we will and we are with you in this very difficult time."

The spike in infections comes despite repeated reassurance from health experts that cases will decrease in coming weeks, as Victoria enters its first week of stage four lockdown.

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Victoria is now in Stage 4 lockdown due to the alarming spread of the virus.

Clarification on Melbourne partner visits

Mr Andrews has clarified rules on intimate partner visits in both Melbourne and regional Victoria, stressing people must abide by the restrictions in place wherever they are residing.

"When you are with your partner, or they are with you, depending on which home you are visiting, that is essentially your home and the rules

apply to you as if you both lived in that premises," he said.

"So, if you, at 8:00pm, are at your partner's house, then the curfew applies to you from that home. I would appeal to people, it is important to have the ability to see your partner, but the rules have to apply."

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Permits needed to access childcare in Victoria

Parents will require a permit in order to send their children to childcare in Melbourne, Premier Daniel Andrews has announced.

Mr Andrews said the new rules would also apply to children in kindergarten and primary school.

Children will only be able to attend classrooms and early learning centres if their parents are deemed as essential workers.

"If you are a permitted worker, regardless whether you are working in person or from home and you attest that there is no one else in your household that can look after your children you will be able with that very simple permit, to access childcare," he said.

"I know that that will mean that many people who have been using childcare and rely upon childcare will not be able to do that, these rules, I should stress, also apply to kinder and they will essentially apply to primary school students attending school."

Leading epidemiologist Professor Tony Blakely told Today Victoria's new restrictions and the mask mandate would cut "chains of transmission".

"It will start to go down and keep going down over the next week," Professor Blakely said.

"This is an early analysis, it's a five-day smoothed average, however it is exactly what we expect.

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"I am hoping it will keep going down in the next week or so and then it will steepen in its fall as stage four kicks in a week to ten days after we started.

"So good news amongst all the issues going into stage four at the moment."

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Victoria recorded 439 coronavirus cases yesterday and 11 deaths.

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