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US mum paralysed in freak backyard waterslide accident

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An American mum has been paralysed after a freak accident on a waterslide.

An American mum has been paralysed after a freak accident on a waterslide.

Teacher Valerie Feske, 37, from Georgia joined children on the inflatable slide at a neighbour's house at Memorial Day weekend party.

She had just gone down and was under the water when another child slid down and hit her in the head, her husband told the New York Post.

She suffered a spinal injury and has no sensation below her chest

"I immediately couldn't feel my legs and I could barely use my arms," Mrs Feske said.

"But I saw my son looking down at me, and then immediately my friends and my sister were there."

Her husband, Brent, told the paper the accident was "devastating," but said his wife was able to use her arms, despite doctors' predictions.

Medics have also told the mother she won't walk again.

"This has been devastating, but every day she's getting a little better," he said.

"In terms of her spirits, she's doing really good, she's in a lot less pain and has been chatting my ear off all morning."

"She can move her arms decently — she's not doing push ups — but she can practice brushing her teeth and slowly feed herself with a spoon," he said.

A fundraising page said the mother of two was "celebrating her first day of summer with friends and family when her life was tragically changed."

Source: 9News

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