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US Coulson crewmembers to visit crash site of C-130 airtanker

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US and Australia-based teams will work together to find out what caused the fatal accident.

Crewmembers from the US Coulson Group team will today fly to the site where the C-130 airtanker went down in the Monaro Snowy region, killing three US firefighters, to assist in determining the cause of the fatal crash.

The team will later meet with the Sydney-based Coulson crewmembers and work alongside them to find out what when wrong.

Coulson team members arrive from the US to assist with the investigation into the C-130 crash.

"Coulson Aviation is working with the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) and New South Wales Police to understand the cause of the crash," said Wayne Coulson, Coulson Group CEO.

"Captain Ian McBeth, First Officer Paul Hudson, and Flight Engineer Rick DeMorgan Jr. are world-class, experienced pilots flying a reputable, reliable and well-maintained aircraft. For that reason, it is vital we understand the circumstances around the crash."

Coulson Aviation is an ariel firefighting company who employed the three firefighters killed in the accident.

Following the accident, crews and aircraft in NSW and Victoria were grounded to provide the team members with the time to mourn and grieve the death of their colleagues.

All teams are now back in the air, "ready to do the job they're here for in supporting communities threatened by the bushfires," Coulson said in a statement.

The ATSB is working at the site of the accident, having recovered the flight recorder, and will continue to piece together what has occurred.

Meanwhile, Coulson Aviation will work with the American Consulate and the three families to return the fallen firefighters back to the US.

The NSW Government is holding a state memorial service in Sydney, next month for the firefighters lost in this bushfire season, including our three fallen heroes.

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"The outpouring of heartfelt grief around the world has been very much appreciated and deeply felt in this time of loss," said Mr Coulson.

"Our three pilots were known around the world for their skill and experience in aerial firefighting and in the C-130 airtankers.

"They were valued members of our firefighting family and this loss is indescribable."

Source: 9News

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