A Sydney hotel worker who hoarded more than 1000 pairs of female underwear is due to be sentenced after pleading guilty to all charges.

Hidden in Daniel Hamilton's Rosebery home were 1047 pairs of underwear.

Some he stole after rifling through women's suitcases at Ibis World Square and Rydges Mascot, where he was a maintenance worker and contract painter.

Hamilton's known targets included eight female guests, including three teenagers - one as young as 15.

In October last year at Rydges Mascot, he stole at least six pairs of underwear from a mum and her two daughters.

But then he was sprung by a young family as he hid the items while crouching down behind a bed.

He claimed the underwear was bought online, or from females in person, for prices of between $20 and $40.

But police believe the majority, if not all, of his hoard was stolen.

Hamilton is due to be sentenced next month.

Source: 9News https://www.9news.com.au/national/underwear-thief-stole-from-women-girls-sydney-hotels/6d129d8f-3ce1-4d3b-8a90-5be6d52d90db

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