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Trump demands CNN apologise for poll showing him losing badly

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CNN is standing its ground on a poll showing Donald Trump losing in a landslide, after the president demanded a retraction and apology.

CNN is standing its ground on a poll showing Donald Trump losing in a landslide, after the president demanded a retraction and apology.

Mr Trump's campaign lashed out at the news channel after one of its polls showed him trailing Democratic opponent Joe Biden by 14 points.

The campaign sent a cease-and-desist letter to the network over the poll, labelling "phony" and a "stunt".

But CNN's general counsel David C Vigilante issued a scathing response in a letter sent to the campaign.

Donald Trump is losing by double digits to Joe Biden, according to multiple polls released this week.

"To my knowledge, this is the first time in its 40-year history that CNN had been threatened with legal action because an American politician or campaign did not like CNN's polling results," he wrote.

"To the extent we have received legal threats from political leaders in the past, they have typically come from countries like Venezuela or other regimes where there is little or no respect for a free and independent media."

Yesterday the president announced he would bring on another pollster, John McLaughlin, to analyse CNN's polls.

Mr Vigilante's letter pointed out that McLaughlin's own polling firm has an embarrassing track record when it comes to predicting election results.

"In 2014 his firm famously reported that (then-Congressman) Eric Cantor was leading his primary challenger by 34 points only to lose by 11 points – a 45 point swing," he wrote.

"In any event, McLaughlin was able to evaluate and criticise CNN's most recent poll because CNN is transparent and publishes its methodology along with its polling results."

Mr Vigilante ended the letter with an outright rejection of the Trump campaign's demand.

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"Your letter is factually and legally baseless," he wrote.

"It is yet another bad faith attempt by the campaign to threaten litigation to muzzle speech it does not want voters to read or hear.

Every poll released this week indicates Joe Biden is on track for a landslide victory over Donald Trump.

"Your allegations and demands are rejected in their entirety."

CNN is not the only outlet whose polls show a complete collapse in Mr Trump's re-election chances this week.

A Gallup poll released today showed his approval rating at 39 per cent.

Ipsos, Morning Consult and YouGov all released polls showing him trailing Mr Biden by eight points each.

RMG and HarrisX both showed him losing by 10 points, Optimus by 11, and Garin-Hart-Yang Research by 12 points.

Donald Trump has suggested injecting disinfectant could cure coronavirus.

None of those pollsters have revealed if they have also received cease-and-desist letters from the Trump campaign.

The polling industry was left with a black eye after they were perceived to have miscalled the 2016 election.

But if current polls are off by as much as they were in 2016, Mr Biden is still on track for a landslide win unseen for several decades.

Mr Trump has been consistently unpopular for his entire presidency, but his response to the coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing recession has taken its toll.

His reaction to the Black Lives Matter protests appear to have cost him support as well.

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