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Trump confirms that favourite part of Bible is when hungry caterpillar eats piece of chocolate cake

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“Jesus was a wonderful author – he really was”.

After being unable to name his favourite verse from the Bible earlier this week, Donald Trump has told reporters that he’s thought about it and it’s the bit when the very hungry caterpillar gets to eat all of the yummy food.

“I needed some time to think about it, there are so many good verses,” the President said.

But the chocolate cake verse is the verse I like the most. It’s great. That poor little caterpillar has to eat all of this terrible food like strawberries and oranges and plums – who eats plums! – just terrible. And then on the next day, I think it’s a Saturday, he gets to eat cake, and ice-cream and cherry pie. It’s tremendous. It really is. A lot of people love that part of the Bible too. Maybe you should look into it”.

The President said the Bible had a lot to teach us. “Jesus was a wonderful author – he really was wonderful. And I think what he’s saying here – and a lot of people agree with me on this – is that ice-cream is yummy. That’s the moral of that verse. I think if we all spent more time reading it – and I’ve read it many, many times – we wouldn’t be in such a bad place right now”.

Asked to name his favourite line from The Art of The Deal, Mr Trump said he hadn’t read it.

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