April 17, 2021

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Trio jailed for life over Queensland toolbox murders

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<p>Three men have been sentenced to life in prison over the toolbox murders of two Queensland parents.</p>

Three men have been sentenced to life in prison over the toolbox murders of two Queensland parents.

Trent Thrupp, Stou Daniels and Davy Taiao were found guilty last week of torturing and stuffing Iuliana Triscaru and Cory Breton in a toolbox and dumping it in a dam at Logan, back in January 2016.

In court, Justice David Boddice described the trio's actions as a complete lack of humanity.

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"They are despicable crimes involving senseless yet sadistic conduct perpetrated against two defenceless individuals," Justice Boddice said.

A fourth man, Waylon Walker, was found guilty of manslaughter. He will serve 12 years in prison.

In January 2016, Triscaru and Breton were lured to a unit in Kingston, south of Brisbane, where they were tortured and assaulted over a drug dispute.

Next, their killers forced them inside a metal toolbox and dumped the box in a Logan dam.

"Over the last five years we have not been able to properly grieve for Cory due to court proceedings," Mr Breton's widow, Miranda Parkinson, told reporters outside Brisbane's Supreme Court last week.

"Now we have some sort of closure."

At the start of the trial in February, all four had pleaded not guilty.

Crown prosecutor David Meredith had described the killings as "breathtakingly evil".

Thrupp attempted to plead guilty to manslaughter, but the prosecution refused to accept it.

The slain pair's remains were found 18 days after they were reported missing.

Source: 9News https://www.9news.com.au/national/toolbox-murders-three-men-jailed-for-life-over-murders-of-two-queensland-parents/12ed98f3-eb72-46b5-88b4-68ed859a28f5

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