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Trail of destruction facing NSW flood victims

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Water levels remain high across large parts of the state with thousands still isolated across Greater Sydney and the state’s north-west.

Australia's east coast is facing a trail of destruction left behind by the unprecedented flooding emergency as more regions are given the all clear to return home.

Water levels remain high across large parts of the state with thousands still isolated across Greater Sydney and the state's north-west.

Emergency services have been slammed with 12,368 calls for help and more than a thousand flood rescues over the last five days.

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More than 290 Australian Defence troops have assisted on the ground with clean-up and recovery, with plans to double forces.

Floodwaters have begun to receive on the Windsor bridge, although authorities say it may still be days before regular traffic would be allowed across.

David Fishburn, Maintenance Director at Transport for NSW, said water levels still need to come down further before engineers can make confident decisions on the safety of the bridge.

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"There is still water under the bridge deck, and some of the key components we need to look at can't be seen yet," Mr Fishburn said.

"So we can't make that assessment yet."

While water levels are dropping, some communities are still only accessible via boat.

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The 2021 flood disaster in numbers

Over the course of the floods, the NSW coast has been drenched by at least 200mm of rain, and in some places, more than 400mm. This is more than three times the Sydney average for the whole of March.

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The flooding stretches 600 kilometres from Sydney to the Northern Rivers.

The BOM's Victoria Dodd said the state had experienced "the most significant floods in decades".

"We've seen exceptionally high flood levels, high-velocity flows, lots of dangerous debris in these floodwaters."

On Wednesday, the BOM had issued flood warnings on 33 of the state's 40 river catchments.

The Hawkesbury River at Windsor peaked at 12.9m on Wednesday, the highest level in 60 years.

Records fall on Mid-North Coast

At Mount Seaview, in the hills west of Port Macquarie, rainfall records have been smashed in the past week, with 815 mm falling over five days. It's the highest total since records began there in 1960.

Further up the coast at Nambucca Heads, the community was one of the first in NSW to be hit with flooding last Saturday when 350mm of rain fell, swamping the March average of 161mm.

The river at Macksville has exceeded the major flood level , reaching 3.4 metres in 1950 - a one-in-50-year flood.

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