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Timeline for Australian vaccines revealed

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Health Minister Greg Hunt has confirmed that the very first Australians to be vaccinated against COVID-19 will be health workers and aged care residents.

Australian is aiming to have its first residents vaccinated against COVID-19 in early March, pending regulatory processes.

In an update to the nation today, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the country had secured four different vaccine candidates, all of which were showing promising signs of safety.

The first Australians to be vaccinated will be health workers and aged care residents, and the last to be vaccinated will most likely be children.

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"In Australia, we are in a very strong position and that enables us to get this right, to get the balance right to ensure first and foremost the safety, which enables us than to safely roll out the vaccine successfully around the country," Mr Morrison said.

"Australia has one of the highest vaccination rates in anywhere in the world."

Australia currently has four vaccine candidates, from which the government has ordered different quantities of vaccines.

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From AstraZeneca Australia has ordered 30 million units, 10 million units from Pfizer, 40 million units from Nova and 1 million units from the CSL University of Queensland.

Mr Morrison said no corners will be cut in making sure the vaccine is safe for use in large populations.

"I have confidence in the very fine public servants that we have, to be able to make these assessments, and this is a standing confidence, because I have trusted that with the vaccination of my own children today too," Mr Morrison said.

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"We do this not just on this vaccine but on every vaccine, when you take your child all yourself to be vaccinated now, that is when we put our trust."

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