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Thugs steal young cancer survivor’s Playstation in home invasion

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A Melbourne family has been forced out of their home after it was ransacked in a horror home invasion with a young cancer survivor’s Playstation stolen.

A Melbourne family has returned from a weekend away to find their home ransacked and their most cherished items either stolen or destroyed.

Alicia Kellett and Adam Bonnefin and five of their six children arrived back to their Hampton Park rental yesterday from a trip to Ballarat to find vandalised chaos.

Nearly every window of the property was smashed, with holes punched through several walls which were covered in sauce, food and washing liquid.

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They also discovered their Subaru had been stolen from the property's driveway.

The family, who live on a single income and were uninsured, estimate they've lost more than $40,000.

The couple's son Dylan was gifted a Playstation by the Starlight Foundation after he conquered cancer, which the thieves cruelly stole.

"He was so brave and they took it from him ... that's the hardest part," Ms Kellett told 9News.

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A handmade poster by the 13-year-old's school friends to wish him well in his recovery was also drenched in bleach by the vandals.

"People have sent him love and they've just broken it," the distressed mother said.

The horror did not stop there for the family.

"My daughter is nine and they stole her underwear as well," Ms Kellett said.

"My youngest started crying ... everyone knew there was something very wrong."

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Neighbours told the family they heard a commotion inside the house around 6am on Sunday before the sound of screeching tyres echoed through the street.

Nobody saw the offenders or called the police.

"It's unspeakable, some of the things they've done you wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy," Mr Bonnefin said.

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"Definitely a massive hit literally restarting our lives again, we've lost everything.

"People who can do stuff like that, they've got no remorse really."

The family must now find emergency housing and before moving to a new home.

Source: 9News

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