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Thredbo’s reopened ski pass sale clogged by 28,000 customers

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Tens of thousands of enthusiastic snow-lovers have clogged Thredbo ski resort’s online ski pass shop website on the first day it has been able to sell them.

Tens of thousands of snow-lovers have clogged Thredbo ski resort's online ski pass shop on the first day it has been able to sell them.

Thredbo told its visitors on June 2 that, with New South Wales' coronavirus restrictions easing, it would be opening this year's ski season from June 22 at a reduced capacity.

After such a high number of customers voiced their excitement to buy passes, the resort was forced to push the opening of sales to midday today – however the website has been inundated with as many as 25,000 buyers by 3.30pm.

"Thredbo Resort has been overwhelmed by demand for the first release of 2020 lift passes today and we are thrilled that guests are eager to return to the mountain," a Thredbo spokesperson told in a statement.

"At one point we had as many as 25,000 people visiting our online store to purchase lift passes, being the biggest volume we have ever experienced on our online store.

"These are unusual times; we've experienced an unprecedented amount of traffic highlighting we are all ready to get back skiing and snowboarding again this season.

"We are working hard to ensure everyone is able to purchase their desired passes and we appreciate our guests' patience as we accommodate everyone under the new government restrictions."

The first day passes put on sale by the ski resort allows for customers to access Thredbo mountain between June 22 and September 13, with extra admissions to be put on sale later for dates ranging up until the end of the ski season on October 5.

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With international travel not on the horizon, Australian ski fields are expecting significant crowds throughout the snow season.

Tour operator slams Thredbo's customer treatment

Bearing the brunt of the fallout from the change in Thredo's ski pass policy, the director of Australian snow tourism company Oz Snow Matthew Goodall told the ski resort has left thousands of customers high-and-dry for the upcoming season.

"Everyone that pre-bought a season pass from Thredbo had it cancelled," he said.

"We're talking about people that go down there to ski for the season that live at Thredbo and wanted to go skiing.

"What usually happens is if you pay something in full, that's honoured. If you book something and put a deposit on it, if they want to change, you get a grace period of three to four days to pay everything in full, but what Thredbo has done is cancelled everyone's.

"Thredbo has absolutely no ethics by pulling existing bookings, it's disgusting."

Mr Goodall said Oz Snow is just one of many companies with thousands of customers who have pre-organised tours, only to be told today their holiday plans have been changed and the costs of lift passes have doubled, with $159 daily admissions the only tickets available.

"They're capitalising as much as they can and there's no allowances under any circumstances, which just seems very strange – I've never seen that in travel before," he said.

"You can't use your accommodation without a lift pass. Thousands of people are trying to get these passes for their already-booked dates. There's a panic.

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"Once the day passes run out, how are we supposed to sell hotel rooms? There's no allocation for the hotels, there's no allocation for people who've already pre-booked and paid for hotels - it's every man for themselves." has contacted Thredbo ski resort for further comment in response to lift passes for the 2020 season.

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