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The ‘Treat’ Announced For Vaccinated NSW People Is Pretty Underwhelming, But At Least It’s Better Than $300

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“$300 directly into my bank account would’ve been insulting”

COMMENT: Today Gladys Berejiklian announced the little ‘treat’ she’s been teasing NSW with for days: an hour outside for vaccinated people who live in certain LGAs. Look, it’s not quite what everyone had hoped for. But at least it wasn’t a $300 cash payout. That would have been insulting.

Sure, under these new ‘freedoms’ I’ll only be able to gather with four other people within my LGA for 60 minutes – hardly enough time to unpack a picnic basket. But then consider the alternative – $300 sent directly to my bank account to spend on whatever I want. Offensive.

What could I possibly do with that disrespectful amount of money? It’s hardly more than the daily accommodation allowance for members of parliament. It’s certainly not going to be enough to motivate me to get the jab.

And anyway, as Scott Morrison said a while back, a blanket cash payment like that is un-Australian. Much more appropriate to direct incentives towards people who live in the right suburbs in Sydney.

Headline by Matt Harvey @mattharveystuff 

Source: The Shovel

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