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The delivery services promising groceries at your door in 15 minutes

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In the past month or so, a handful of businesses have sprung up, looking to take advantage of the huge growth in online grocery shopping.

They're the small start-ups with catchy names trying to cash in on the booming $7 billion online grocery market fuelled by Sydney's lockdown.

Promising delivery times of just 15 minutes, they usually have a specially curated shopping list and a team of drivers and riders ready to drop your groceries at your door.

In the past month or so, a handful of businesses have sprung up, looking to take advantage of the huge growth in online grocery shopping.

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Start-up Voly online grocery delivery

They won't have anywhere near the range of Coles and Woolworths, but you also won't have to wait days for a delivery window as the two leaders struggle to meet demand.

According to Ibisworld, Australia's online grocery market is expected to increase 46.2 per cent this year.

QUT Business School Professor Gary Mortimer says delivery times are crucial.

"Time has become the currency of e-commerce retailers today, it's all about speed of delivery not necessarily price," he told 9News.

"Right now Coles and Woolworths are really struggling to keep up with the online demand. It's certainly a beneficial time to have these services available."

The upside for consumers is the more players, the quicker they'll get their groceries. But the competition is unlikely to have an impact on price.

Voly has launched in the past fortnight, promising delivery in the inner city within 15 minutes with the aim of "teleporting the grocery store" to customers with a flat delivery fee of $2.99. They have around 1500 items to choose from. A full-service supermarket has between 20,000 and 25,000 lines.

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Co-founders Thibault Henri and Mark Heath have supply chain, logistics and food experience between them.

"We deliver groceries in 15 minutes; we do the pick and pack in our store here in three minutes," Mr Henri said.

Start-up Voly online grocery delivery

"We've got about 1500 products and that's increasing every day. You can get everything from your fruit and veg to your cleaning products all the way to your baby products," Mr Heath.

And while you're making pasta, if you forget the sauce, it can be at your door within minutes.

Geezy Go! has just launched in 60 Sydney suburbs promising prices equal to or better than the leading supermarkets with a flat delivery fee of $3.99 and groceries at your doorstep within 20 minutes.

"LGAS are in lockdown, people do not want to leave their homes. This is a great service for them," Geezy's Dhruv Kohli said.

Start-up Voly online grocery delivery

Send is launching in metro Sydney and Melbourne with most of the items found in a usual supermarket but they also plan to source fresh produce from local vendors. It's promising delivery within 15 minutes. With speeds like that, delivery areas are limited.

The Hills Milk Run has seen smaller players come and go. They source fresh produce straight from farmers and local suppliers and this lockdown, has added fresh flowers to the shopping list. The husband and wife team deliver to 35 suburbs throughout The Hills district and around Parramatta twice a week. The minimum spend is $40 and the focus is on freshness and quality rather than speed.

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Pretty Green, which started as a gift store in 2019 has just added an online supermarket app that comes with free sustainable delivery. Delivery is within two hours but the aim is to reduce that to minutes.

In coming times, it's unlikely a freely moving Sydney will be able to sustain all these new businesses. Professor Mortimer believes it's more likely a couple will survive if they team up with a smaller independent grocery chain like IGA.

Source: 9News

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