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Temperatures plummet by 10 degrees in some areas as alpine snow falls

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Stepping outside feels much different today, with a cool change sweeping through last night cooling temperatures down dramatically.

Temperatures in parts of New South Wales have dropped by around 10 degrees after the state experienced its hottest weekend since January.

Stepping outside feels much different today, with a cool change sweeping through last night cooling temperatures down dramatically.

Sydney is predicted to reach a top of 19 degrees today with a few showers developing, while the city's western suburbs are likely to reach just 20.

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It's a sharp drop from yesterday when the city reached just over 31 and nearly 32 degrees in the west, the warmest weekend in nine months.

The rest of the week will bring showers and partly cloudy and cooler conditions.

Across the rest of the country, a cold front is bringing gusty showers and alpine snow to Tasmania, eastern Victoria and southeast NSW.

Warmth is filtering into Queensland ahead of a trough. Moist onshore winds are causing showers over the northeast tropics and the Top End. An upper trough is producing rain over Western Australia's southern interior.

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The Australian Capital Territory will be even cooler, with temperatures due to hit just 13 degrees today before warming to 19 later in the week.

In Queensland, Brisbane will feel more like spring reaching 31 degrees today before dropping slightly to 24 degrees by Friday.

But the warmer weather is also bringing an increase fire danger. The current warning level is at "very high" but is expected to ease in the south-east tomorrow.

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The warm air mass will cause temperatures to reach the high-20s to mid-30s across most of Queensland, resulting in very high fire danger warnings in the Central Highlands and Coalfields, Maranoa and Warrego and Darling Downs, and Granite Belt Forecast Districts.

In Victoria temperatures will reach a brisk 14 degrees in Melbourne, before becoming cloudy for a top of 15 tomorrow.

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In Adelaide, a partly cloudy day is on the way with a top of 17 degrees. Thursday will see a warm 26 degrees before conditions drop to just 16 on Saturday.

In Perth, it'll be a sunny 21 degrees with showers developing on Wednesday and brining cooler conditions of just 17 degrees on Thursday.

Darwin will see a shower or two today and 31 degrees before storms hit tomorrow.

And in Hobart, the day will warm to just 11 degrees today after morning showers with a partly cloudy and cool week on the way.

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