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Tasmanian Sand Sculptor Returns to the National Stage

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Tasmanian sand sculptor Jim McCauley is competing in this year’s Beyond the Sand Festival.

Tasmanian sand sculptor Jim McCauley is returning to the national stage by competing in the sculpting component of this year’s Beyond the Sand Festival.

The festival is “a unique outdoor event that attracts locals and tourists from across the country to experience workshops, roving entertainment, stunning artwork, as well as the annual Australian Sand Sculpting Championships.”

The Australian Sand Sculpting Championships will place ten of the country’s top sand sculptors into a three-day battle of creativity as skill as they compete for the top spots.

An art installation at the Beyond the Sand Festival.

The sculptors will compete over the first weekend of the festival, with winners being crowned on March 15.

Each sculpture will feature a range of intricate techniques and designs

McCauley is really looking forward to the event. Having participated in the festival since its inception, he has seen it all when it comes to sand sculpting – from fending off rising tides at the first festival to collapsing creations.

Constantly preparing for the big day, the keen sculptor creates mini-festivals in his own home, creating an intricate masterpiece within a week and after seven days knocking it down to start something new.

“It’s always challenging,” he says.

“It’s always an opportunity to improve. It gives you conditions that require a lot of focus. So, it has challenges at all sorts of different levels.”

“It’s rewarding to be able to finish the work cleanly, get nice clean lines, to get some shape to your piece, to get emotion into the piece.”

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The festival is taking place on the beachfront at Surfers Paradise, Queensland, between 13 and 21 March. For more information, click here.

Source: Tasmanian Times

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