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Tas That Was – The Hope and Anchor

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The Hope and Anchor claims to be Australia’s oldest existing hotel.


The Hope and Anchor was built in 1807 near the Hobart waterfront. Reverend Robert Knopwood (1763–1838) drank there shortly after it opened.

Trading was very successful because of its proximity to the waterfront.

There were rumours that the licensees smuggled rum. It was said they would roll barrels of it into the hotel’s cellars at night.

In 1827, the Hope and Anchor declared itself to be “superior to any in Hobart Town”. It had been just been renovated.

The hotel has had many ups and downs over the years, as well as different names (Whale Fishery; Hope; Anchor and Hope; Alexandra).

It was added to the Tasmanian Heritage Register in 1998 because it was deemed to have significant archaeological importance.

The Hope and Anchor shut its doors in 2008, though it remained licensed. It reopened in 2014 after a Chinese developer called Kim Xing purchased it for $1.5 million.

The hotel has since become a hospitality success story.

The Hope and Anchor, c.1900. Note how it was simply called ‘Hope Inn’.

Is the Hope and Anchor really the oldest hotel in Australia?

New Norfolk’s Bush Inn also claims to be the oldest pub still operating in Australia. It has operated continuously since it opened in 1815. The Hope and Anchor Tavern, on the other hand, has had periods of closure since 1807.

The Hope and Anchor today.


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Source: Tasmanian Times

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