March 9, 2021

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Sydney hotel worth $150m will be less than six metres wide

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<p>The tower will be 100 metres tall and will contain more than 170 hotel rooms.</p>

A new skyscraper being erected in Sydney will look slightly different to its surroundings.

The hotel will soar to 31 storeys but will be just five-and-a-half metres wide.

Sydney firm Durbach Block Jaggers beat two others with their winning design to be built on the narrow block on Pitt Street.

"We knew it was very narrow, we didn't realise it was probably the narrowest in Australia and possibly the narrowest in the whole world," Neil Jagger told 9News.

The tower will be 100 metres tall and will contain more than 170 hotel rooms. They will be compact, but the foyer will not.

"The street room will be very exaggerated and tall - so, it's three storeys high, the full width of the site, it has multiple levels of cafes, restaurants, concierge and bar and so forth," Camilla Block said.

The site is so narrow not even a crane can fit on the block, so old world building techniques need to come into play.

"In a weird way it's a very conventional way of building. It's almost an old-fashioned way of building because it's handmade - each couple of floors have to be done by hand, there's no crane," Mr Jagger explained.

If it gains council approval, construction on the $150 million tower could start later this year and be completed in 2023.

Source: 9News

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