A suspended driver has been arrested after three hours of carnage that included multiple crashes across Sydney.

NSW Police said the driver first hit a 48-year-old cyclist on the Pacific Highway at Lindfield around 8.20am yesterday morning.

Five minutes later, another rider who was hit suffered a fractured a collarbone and ribs in Roseville, before a Mercedes was then hit at 9.35am on the Eastern Distributor in Woolloomooloo.

Within minutes, the driver allegedly collided with a Land Rover Sport in Kensington, then a Mitsubishi Eclipse on Alison Road was rammed while the driver tried recording the driver's number plate.

Just over 20 minutes later, the driver's sixth victim was another cyclist that was allegedly hit in Matraville, before he collided with another driver on Bridge Road in Glebe and a 59-year-old at Lane Cove.

"This is deliberate, dangerous and predatory driving, that we will be alleging," Superintendent Jenny Scholz said today.

"It appears eight deliberate acts and involvement, or incidents, in regards to using that motor vehicle potentially as a weapon."

The crashes came just 24 hours after the man was pulled over by police for allegedly speeding and his licence was suspended on the spot.

He was ultimately arrested in Penrith for failing to stop and help any of the people who he allegedly struck.

Source: 9News https://www.9news.com.au/national/sydney-car-crashes-eight-victims-hit-and-run-penrith-arrest-crime-news-nsw/4d6853b1-6037-477e-a952-1c84914e06cb

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