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Storms likely as heatwave conditions return after brief reprieve

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The hot weather is back and will set in for much of the weekend for several states across Australia.

Heatwave conditions are due to return to much of the country's east today following a brief reprieve.

New South Wales and Queensland will bear the brunt of the hot weather, starting from today.

Temperatures across the Queensland's west will reach the mid to late 40s tomorrow, with Birdsville to hit 47C from tomorrow.

Brisbane will be 32C today, while on Sunday it's likely to hit 37C in Toowoomba and Darling Downs on Sunday.

In NSW, Sydney's west will reach 35C degrees today, with the warm weather to stretch across the weekend.

Across the country today, troughs are generating showers and storms over parts of Western Australia, northern parts of the Northern Territory, southern Queensland and northern New South Wales.

The troughs are also maintaining intense heat in western Queensland, inland Northern Territory and inland Western Australia. Moist westerly winds in Tasmania are bringing a few showers, mainly to the west.

Queensland heat wave


A late shower, very warm-to-hot in the southeast. Clearing shower, very warm in the northeast. Sunny, hot in the northwest. Late shower or storm, hot in the south-west.

Brisbane is expected to reach 30 degrees by 9am with the hot weather to last across the weekend.


Sydney's west will be 35C today, following two days of cooler conditions.

There'll be showers and storms, warm in the northeast. Late showers, cool-to-mild in the southeast. Windy on the Alps. Sunny, very warm in the southwest. Mostly sunny, hot in the northwest.

Canberra will be hot and sunny with a top of 29C.


In Victoria, it'll be mostly sunny, cool-to-mild in the south-west. Fog then sunny, cool-to-mild in the south-east. Sunny, very warm-to-hot in the north.

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Melbourne will see a cooler 23C , with sunny skies.


Windy with showers, cool in the south-west. Clearing shower, mild in south-east. Windy, cool-to-mild in north-west. Mostly sunny, mild in the north-east.


Fog then sunny, warm in the south-east. Sunny, very warm in central. Mostly sunny, hot-to-very hot in the west and north.

Adelaide will reach 33C , while other northern areas will climb into the high 30s and early 40s, with Coober Pedy to hit 39C and Oodnadatta a hot 42 degrees.


Mostly sunny, cool-to-mild in the southwest. Windy, cool-to-mild in the south. Mostly sunny, hot in the north with showers/storms inland.

Perth will be a mild 24 degrees but northern areas including Port Headland will hit the late 30s and early 40s.


In the Top End, there's be a late shower after a very warm day.

Showers/storms, warm Arnhem. Mostly sunny, hot over the interior and south.

Darwin will hit 35C, Alice Springs 41C.

Source: 9News

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