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States on high alert as storms persist for third straight day

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Heavy rain and destructive winds are forecast to lash parts of Queensland and NSW today as the wild weather continues into its third day.

Heavy rain and destructive winds are forecast to lash parts of Queensland and NSW again today as the wild weather continues into its third day.

A trough and low is generating showers and storms, some intense, in parts of those two states and Victoria.

Yesterday saw both Queensland and NSW buffeted by storms, torrential downpour and serious hail, which continued overnight.

NSW is through the worst of it, but is still expected to see further showers and storms today.

While the heaviest thunderstorms are now subsiding across Queensland, the Bureau of Meteorology has warned of possible damaging winds and heavy rainfall in Wide Bay and Burnett and Southeast Coast forecast districts as well as in Cherbourg, Gympie, South Burnett, Sunshine Coast and Noosa council areas.

A trough is triggering showers and storms in the Top End and Western Australia.

A trough and front moving into South Australia is causing patchy rain.

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Moist easterly winds are bringing showers to parts of Tasmania.

Here's the weather across Australia on Thursday, October 29, 2020.



The worst of the extreme weather is likely to pass today however some areas remain on high alert.

Conditions will be mostly sunny, warm in the east, just isolated showers/storms in far north and far SE.

Brisbane will see a possible thunderstorm, although conditions should ease throughout the day with a low of 18C and a top of 30C.

Just after 8.00pm, the BoM warned of three more storm cells, two impacting the South Burnett and another "very dangerous" storm moving south of Toowoomba toward Warwick.

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Brisbane escaped the worst of the weather yesterday but earlier in the day another dangerous cell brought heavy rain to Mango Hill and Caboolture, north of the city.

At one point, the BoM said flash flooding was likely and warned of an "immediate threat" of winds of more than 125 kilometres per hour.

Since midday, Energex recorded about 80,000 lightning strikes across the south-east region.

The lightning strikes left more than 5000 homes without power and debris from the storms tore down 18 power lines across the region.

Severe thunderstorms are no longer occurring in Queensland. The immediate threat of severe thunderstorms has passed, but the situation will continue to be monitored and further warnings will be issued if necessary.

The possibility of severe storms are highest for Cherbourg, Gympie, South Burnett, Sunshine Coast and Noosa Council Areas.

The interior and south of the state is expected to have a sunny day with very warm-to-hot temperatures.


Showers/storms, cool-to-mild in the east, south and in central parts. Mostly sunny, warm in the far northwest and far west.

Sydney has showers today, with a low of 15C and a top of 20C.

Canberra has a possible shower, with a low of 8C and a top of 19C.


Late showers, cool in the south. Showers, cool-to-cold in the southeast. Late showers, cool-to-mild in the northwest. Showers increasing, cool-to-mild in the northeast.

Melbourne has a late shower, with a low of 10C and a top of 21C.

There's a minor flood warning for Macalister River downstream of Lake Glenmaggie — see details here.


Showers, mild in the southwest. Fog, late showers, mild in the southeast. Isolated inland showers, cool-to-mild in the north.

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Hobart will be mostly sunny, with a low of 8C and a top of 17C.

South Australia

Showers/storms, cool-to-mild in the southeast and central. Windy, the odd thundery shower, mild in the west. Late showers/stormy, mild-to-warm in north.

Adelaide has showers increasing, with a low of 12C and a top of 21C.

There's a strong wind warning for the Far West Coast, Upper West Coast, Lower West Coast, Central Coast, South Central Coast and Spencer Gulf.

Northern Territory

Late showers/storms, very warm in the NW Top End. Mostly sunny, very warm in Arnhem. Showers/storms possible over southern interior and south and hot. Mostly sunny, very warm-to-hot elsewhere in the south.

Darwin has a possible thunderstorm, with a low of 25C and a top of 34C.

Western Australia

Sunny, warm-to-very warm in the southwest. Mostly sunny, cool-to-mild in the far south. Isolated showers/storms, cool-to-mild in the northwest. Showers/storms, very warm in the northeast.

Perth will be sunny, with a low of 13C and a top of 32C.

There's a strong wind warning for Gascoyne Coast, Geraldton Coast and Leeuwin Coast.

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