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Starving cannibal rats swarm deserted US streets

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Starving rats have taken to deserted US streets, some resorting to cannibalism amid the coronavirus lockdown.

Starving rats have taken to deserted US streets, some resorting to cannibalism amid the coronavirus lockdown.

High volumes of rat sightings have been reported in locked down cities such as New York, Seattle and New Orleans.

"More rats are being seen in those specific areas where the rats were heavily dependent on commercial food trash of restaurants and stores that have closed since the COVID outbreak," urban rodentologist and consultant at RMS Pest Management, Bobby Corrigan told Fox News.

"Starving rats of course like most mammals will become aggressive and violent, killing and then eating other rats in order to stay alive.

"Rat carcasses are being seen on the streets partially eaten by stronger or other rats."

In a recent tweet, Mr Corrigan warned that rats aren't only dispersing on the streets, they are also invading buildings in the search for food.

"Starving rats in these blocks are now wandering both day and night, in different directions, and if they smell food leaking from people's door gaps, they will try to follow their noses and squeeze below the doors," Mr Corrigan said.

Mr Corrigan, who is based in New York City, said that not all rats in the area have resorted to cannibalism and others who rely on food from neighbourhood trashcans or dumpsters will remain unchanged.

"They will be active at night and remain mostly unseen," he said.

Claudia Riegel, Director of New Orleans' Mosquito, Rodent and Pest Control Board said rats have swarmed during the city's lockdown.

"It's a difficult time to be a rat," she said.

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According to Ms Riegel, increased numbers of rats on the street may have dire health impacts on the New Orleans' homeless community.

"There are pathogens in these rodents, fortunately we don't see many of the health outcomes," she said.

"We don't have very many disease cases that are actually related to rodents, but the potential is there."

Local authorities in some commercial areas are utilising the lockdown to carry out pest control.

Source: 9News

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