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South Australians ‘stoked’ to have all coronavirus restrictions lifted

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South Australians will be able to travel anywhere in Australia from Christmas day, with all states and territories lifting restrictions.

South Australians will be able to travel anywhere in Australia from Christmas Day, with all states and territories lifting restrictions brought on by the recent Parafield cluster.

West Australian Premier Mark McGowan was the first to close borders to SA when the state was plunged back into lockdown five weeks ago, but as of 12.01am on Friday, the western state will join others in welcoming the state back.

The news has left many South Australians elated they can see family in WA.

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"So stoked really, I'm really glad that it's confirmed in terms of going back to Perth on Christmas Day," Glenelg resident Abby Ong told 9News.

The 25-year-old hasn't seen her family in Perth for 10 months and booked a flight home two weeks ago in hopes today's announcement would go ahead.

"I took a gamble because I saw an article about it hopefully being opened so today's news being confirmed by Mark McGowan — I'm really excited," she said.

While Mr McGowan has eased up on his state's tough lockdown restrictions, there are strict conditions that come with today's good news.

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Travellers will need to complete a declaration and undergo a COVID-19 test and temperature check on arrival.

Today's news is a relief for South Australians with family on the west coast, but the state's government is standing strong on restrictions imposed on New South Wales, which is battling to get control of the Northern Beaches cluster.

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Chief Health Officer Professor Nicola Spurrier says the Sydney outbreak won't result in a hard border closure for NSW or Greater Sydney, instead entry is prohibited only to those from the affected Northern Beaches area.

The enforcement of restrictions placed on people arriving from Sydney caused some stress and heartache on Sunday night, when hundreds of Sydneysiders arriving in South Australia were mistakenly told they had to go into quarantine or return home.

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At least 350 of them have now been allowed out of self-quarantine but another 25 were required to remain because they had been in the Northern Beaches area, which was part of the original direction.

The bungle forced many to pay up for last minute accommodation or return airfares, but the Health Minister says they will now eligible for compensation — with applications already rolling in.

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