January 27, 2021

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South Australia avoids ‘catastrophic’ second wave

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<p>No new cases of locally-acquired COVID-19 have been uncovered, including those connected to the Parafield Gardens cluster.</p>

South Australia has recorded one new case of coronavirus in an overseas traveller who is currently in hotel quarantine.

No new cases of locally-acquired COVID-19 have been uncovered, including those connected to the Parafield Gardens cluster.

A staggering 17,000 tests were conducted yesterday.

Premier Steven Marshall said the state has avoided a "catastrophic" second wave of the virus due to acting harshly and early.

"It would have been absolutely catastrophic on all businesses, families and individuals in our state," Mr Marshall said.

"I know that many South Australians would be absolutely delighted that the stay-at-home order has now been released.

Coronavirus: Hotel quarantine failure triggered SA’s shutdown

"This was taken off as of midnight last night, but I do need to emphasise we still do have high level restrictions in place over and above where we were at this time last week.

"They're going to be in place through to 1 December, so we need people to listen, know those restrictions and abide by them very strictly through to 1 December and any restrictions that might be in place thereafter."

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Coronavirus: SA authorities urge caution


From midnight tonight, a whole host of restrictions are easing for South Australia.

The full list can be found here:

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Source: 9News https://www.9news.com.au/national/coronavirus-sa-avoided-catastrophic-second-wave-with-short-lockdown/e5587fae-bce6-472d-ae26-c028d8edde73

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