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Single mum of two fears fortnight in hotel isolation

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Anger is growing among the thousands of Australians who have been forced into isolation at hotels across the country, with many saying they will struggle to endure 14 days without fresh air or exercise.

Coronavirus: Thousands of Australian travellers begin hotel quarantine

Anger is growing among the thousands of Australians who have been forced into isolation at hotels across the country, with many saying they will struggle to endure 14 days without fresh air or exercise.

Sarah Greig is a single mother, with two sons aged nine and 12.

The expat family have been held in quarantine at the Novotel hotel since early yesterday morning after touching down in Brisbane from Bali.

"We are stuck in one room with two double beds for 14 days. There is no balcony and no fresh air. We aren't even allowed to open the door," she told

"The hotel food is ham and cheese toasties, ham and cheese pizza, spaghetti bolognaise. There are no fruit and vegetables."

Sarah Greig and her sons have been forced into isolation at the Novotel in Brisbane.

While she understood the need for quarantine, Ms Greig said she had serious concerns about the welfare of her family and others.

"I don't think the government has thought the situation through. My sons need vitamin D, they need to run to stay healthy," she said.

"I know where my mental health will be at the end of this and I'm certainly concerned for everyone else here as well. We all need fresh air."

Ms Greig said she and her family had been allowed one 20-minute visit to the hotel rooftop, but only after she made several complaints.

"We are being treated like inmates, like it's a prison and we are doing something wrong," she said.

"I don't want to seem ungrateful, and I understand a lot of people are in a worse situation, but the conditions that we are in are in are not acceptable for 14 days, particularly for families with children."

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The single room without a balcony will be their home for the next 14 days.

Under new rules imposed in a bid to stem the coronavirus outbreak, everybody who lands in Australia - now limited to citizens and permanent residents - will be sent to a hotel for two weeks, with taxpayers footing the bill.

Police and the defence force are involved in the massive operation, which sees nobody allowed to greet the arrivals at the airport and passengers and luggage ushered straight onto buses.

Yesterday, some were forced to wait for hours on buses while the details of their hotels were worked out.

Many have complained of being stuck in rooms with no open windows or balconies and no access to fresh air.

Facebook groups have also been set up by some passengers.

Cruise passengers sent to Sydney's luxury Swissotel yesterday complained they were not getting the daily health or mental health checks they were promised.

A bus of new arrivals into Australia are ferried into the Crown Promenade in Melbourne.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian on Saturday admitted hotel-quarantined arrivals would likely experience a frustrating fortnight but made no apologies for government policy.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson had little sympathy for those in quarantine.

"Give me a tissue. My god. I feel sorry for the poor buggers," she told Today.

"People out there are doing it tough now, if you are over 70 you are supposed to stay home. What I hear they are in five star accommodation. Stop your bloody whinging."

Most of Australia's coronavirus cases are still coming from overseas travel, including those arriving by plane or cruise ship, it was confirmed yesterday.

Passengers arriving this morning on nine flights landing in Sydney are being taken to the Ibis, the Intercontinental and the Hilton.

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