Severe thunderstorms generated the wettest October day in a decade for Brisbane and experts are warning the worst is yet to come today.

People living in southeast Queensland and northern NSW are being told to brace themselves for another wild weather day, with conditions forecast to be more extreme than yesterday.

Vast lines of storms from central QLD  to Victoria swept eastwards bringing hail , strong winds and flash flooding. These images shot near Warren.

Yesterday's storms saw 72mm of rain fall across Brisbane in just a few hours. The sunshine coast recorded 66mm - also breaking a 10-year record for October.

"Southeast is likely to to be hit again today by severe thunderstorms," meteorologist from Weatherzone Britt Butschke told

"Again there's the threat of damaging winds, flash flooding but also large hail. All this did occur yesterday but today is probably doing to be a wilder day in terms of the intensity of the thunderstorms."

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"It's not just Brisbane today with fairly large areas of south east Queensland extending as far north as Rockhampton. The warning could extend further into the great dividing range."

The storms are also likely to impact people in northern NSW later today, with rough surf forecast along the coast.

A cold front is bringing some showers to the southwest of the state.

Meanwhile, Western Australia is facing catastrophic fire danger today due to hot, dry conditions.

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Here's the weather across Australia on Wednesday, October 28, 2020.



Extreme weather could worsen for Queensland today after severe storms battered Brisbane and surroundings areas yesterday afternoon.

Thousands of homes were without power and streets were turned to rivers due to dangerous flash floods across the south east of the state, Toowoomba and the Sunshine Coast.

More thunderstorms are in store for the Brisbane along with a low of 18C and a top of 26C.

The wild weather will also impact large swathes of southeast Queensland with clearing showers in the northeast.

"Hail is likely to be even bigger than it was yesterday," Mr Butschke said.

"People need to listen out for the warnings when they're issued and any preparation on they can do in the morning is best because in the afternoon and early evening the severe thunderstorms are most likely."

There's an ongoing flood warning for the Diamantina River — see details here.

Conditions will be mostly sunny, warm in the northwest and southwest.


Showers/storms, cool-to-mild in the northeast. Late shower, cool in the southeast. Late shower, cool-to-mild in the southwest. Mostly sunny, cool-to-mild in the northwest.

Sydney has showers, with a low of 14C and a top of 21C.

Canberra also has showers, with a low of 8C and a top of 18C.

There's a strong wind warning for Sydney Coast and Illawarra Coast.


Late shower, cool-to-cold in the southwest. Showers, cool-to-cold in the southeast. Mostly sunny, cool-to-mild in the northwest. Late shower, cool-to-mild in the northeast.

Melbourne has a late shower, with a low of 10C and a top of 20C.


Mostly cloudy, mild in the southwest. Showers, cool in the southeast. Mostly cloudy, cool-to-mild in the northwest. Showers, cool in the northeast.

Hobart has a possible shower, with a low of 10C and a top of 16C.

South Australia

Shower or two, cool in the southeast. Mostly sunny, cool-to-mild in central. Mostly sunny, warm in the west and north. Fog then sunny, mild-to-warm in the northeast.

Adelaide will be sunny, with a low of 9C and a top of 22C.

Northern Territory

Showers/storms, very warm in the north. Mostly sunny, very warm over the interior and south.

Darwin has a possible thunderstorm, with a low of 25C and a top of 32C.

Western Australia

Mostly sunny, mild-to-warm in the southwest and south. Mostly sunny, warm in the northwest. Showers, very warm in the northeast.

Perth will be mostly sunny, with a low of 15C and a top of 25C.

Very hot and dry conditions over the southeast of the state. Fresh and gusty northwesterly winds, ahead of a strong south to southwesterly change moving through in the afternoon and evening.

There's a fire weather warning: catastrophic fire danger for Eucla and severe fire danger for the Goldfields and South Interior fire weather districts. See more details here.

– Reported with Weatherzone

Source: 9News