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Seven-year jail term in Russia’s new lockdown laws

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Russians face jail terms of up to seven years if they breach quarantine restrictions under “anti virus” laws passed by the country’s parliament.

Russians face jail terms of up to seven years if they breach quarantine restrictions under "anti virus" laws passed by the country's parliament.

The hardline legislation was passed in record time, as regions across Russia followed Moscow's lead in imposing strict lockdowns, to stem the coronavirus, reports the BBC.

Russia recorded its largest rise in confirmed cases, taking the official figures to 2,337 infections and 17 deaths.

The harshest measure in the laws is the seven-year prison sentence if somebody with coronavirus breaks the quarantine and others die as a result.

There are also hefty fines for healthy people who break the order to stay at home, and a potential new punishment of up to five years for spreading dangerous, fake news about the epidemic.

The government has also been handed the power to declare an emergency situation and implement further restrictions if needed.

"These amendments are preventative steps above all, and warning measures," parliamentary Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said. "The health and lives of our nearest and dearest depend on how responsibly we all behave."

President Vladimir Putin has argued the country's relatively low number of cases is giving it time to stem the virus.

But yesterday it emerged a senior doctor who gave Putin a tour of a Moscow hospital treating coronavirus patients had tested positive for COVID 19.

Denis Protsenko gave the president a tour of the Kommunarka hospital a week ago, but Putin's spokesman says there is no concern as he tested regularly.

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