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Trump in quarantine after aide tests positive

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Donald Trump is going into quarantine after confirming that one of his closest aides has been diagnosed with coronavirus.

Donald Trump is going into quarantine after confirming that one of his closest aides has been diagnosed with coronavirus.

Senior White House counsellor Hope Hicks, 32, was diagnosed with COVID-19 earlier today.

The president confirmed the reports in a tweet hours later.

Hope Hicks is one of Donald Trump's most trusted advisers.

"Hope Hicks, who has been working so hard without even taking a small break, has just tested positive for Covid 19.

"Terrible! The First Lady and I are waiting for our test results.

"In the meantime, we will begin our quarantine process!"

The details of the quarantine process has not been defined, but a rally scheduled to be held today in the swing state of Wisconsin has been cancelled.

If the president spends two weeks in isolation it would seriously hamper his re-election campaign, which involves holding mass rallies across the country.

It would also mean the cancellation or postponement of the second presidential debate, which is scheduled to be held on Tuesday, October 13.

Hope Hicks and Donald Trump. (AP)Counselor to the President Hope Hicks cheers as President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally last week.

But if the president does fall seriously ill, there is no mechanism to postpone the election.

Ms Hicks' infection could have serious ramifications for the White House.

Numerous photos posted in recent days have shown Ms Hicks in close contact with other White House staff, none of whom are wearing masks.

In this photo posted five days ago, Ms Hicks is seen within 1.5 metres of top White House staffers like Dan Scavino and Stephen Miller.

The severity of Ms Hicks' illness is not known but it is reported she is symptomatic.

Ms Hicks was among the staff to travel to Cleveland for the presidential debate this week, and was not wearing a mask when photographed.

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No other member of Mr Trump's team wore a mask in the audience during the debate.

She also travelled on Air Force One with the president to his rally in Minnesota yesterday.

Hope Hicks aboard Marine One with Donald Trump earlier this month.

"The president takes the health and safety of himself and everyone who works in support of him and the American people very seriously," the White House said in a statement.

"White House Operations collaborates with the physician to the President and the White House Military Office to ensure all plans and procedures incorporate current CDC guidance and best practices for limiting COVID-19 exposure to the greatest extent possible, both on complex and when the president is travelling."

Hope Hicks is one of Donald Trump's closest aides.

Ms Hicks has been the longest-serving aide in the Trump circle, joining the Trump Organisation in 2014.

She began as a model for Ivanka Trump's fashion line, then started working directly for Mr Trump later that year.

She then became campaign press secretary, then White House communications director.

She resigned from the White House in March 2018, a day after acknowledging to a congressional investigation that she told "white lies" for the president.

She returned to the White House in February this year.

She has been described as one of Mr Trump's most trusted aides, and the person who other staffers ask to deliver bad news to the president.

"I'm lucky to have her," Trump told the New York Times in 2016.

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