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Russian Prime Minister quits after Putin national address

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Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has handed in his resignation, Russian news agency Tass has reported.

Russia's prime minister and the entire government have announced they will quit hours after President Vladimir Putin proposed a constitutional overhaul.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev submitted his resignation to Putin in the hours following the president's annual state of the union address, Russia's Tass news agency reports.

Russian news agencies say Putin thanked Medvedev for his service but noted that the prime minister's cabinet failed to fulfill all the objectives set for it.

Russian media said Putin plans to name Medvedev as deputy of the presidential Security Council.

Medvedev, a longtime close associate of Putin's, has served as Russia's prime minister since 2012. He spent four years before that as president from 2008-2012.

Putin asked the members of Medvedev's cabinet to keep working until a new cabinet is formed.

Medvedev's resignation followed Putin's annual state of the nation address earlier on Wednesday.

During his speech, the Russian leader proposed amending the constitution to increase the powers of prime ministers and cabinet members.

The proposed move is seen as part of Putin's efforts to carve out a new position of power for himself to stay at the helm after his current term as president ends in 2024.

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