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Residents evacuated with bushfire conditions set to worsen

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High temperatures and gale-force winds are forecast to hit communities battered by bushfires as smoke descends on major cities.

High temperatures and gale-force winds are forecast to hit communities battered by bushfires as smoke descends on major cities.

Conditions continue to worsen for residents on Kangaroo Island with communities being evacuated overnight ahead of today's dangerous fire weather.

Fire and emergency crews are preparing for potentially catastrophic weather tomorrow in NSW and Victoria with temperatures above 40C forecast in both states.


Temperatures are set to rise in NSW and the ACT today ahead of dangerous fire conditions predicted tomorrow.

The ACT could reach 41C tomorrow with strong winds creating dangerous conditions for firefighters and local communities.

Sydney is forecast to reach 30C and a coastal wind warning has been issued for several areas along the northern and south coast of NSW.

Gale-force winds are expected areas around Batemans Bay and Eden which has already been devastated by bushfires over the new year period.

Sydney is forecast to experience another day of poor air quality today with an air quality warning now issued.

Areas including the Illawara, Port Macquarie, Southern Tablelands, South-west slopes and the Upper Hunter are expected to experience particularly poor air quality as is Canberra.

Everyone, especially those suffering from heart or lung disease, are being advised to avoid exposure.

Dr Chris Moy, from the Australian Medical Association, said people that suffer from hay fever, allergies or conjunctivitis may also be experiencing more severe symptoms.

"Smoke causes irritation not allergy, however, someone's allergies may be worse due to irritation caused by the particles in smoke," he told

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Dr Moy said there are certain preventative medications people can use to ease symptoms associated with hay fever or irritation including dry eyes and congested sinuses.

"Antihistamines can be used to reduce inflammation and therefore reduce irritation from smoke," he said.

"Liquid eye drops can also help to soothe irritated eyes."

The Australian Defence Force is assisting fire victims.

Dr Moy also said decongestants, commonly used to treat symptoms of a common cold such as a runny nose, could be helpful in reliving symptoms of smoke irritation.

"They are helpful short term but long term, people can become addicted," he said.

Dr Moy explained decongestants can cause the body to become reliant on the medication and ultimately will not provide a long-term solution.

"People should seek advice from their GP or at least a pharmacist before using anything like that particularly if they are already taking some sort of medication such as antidepressants."

A burnt down house is seen on a property in the Cann Valley in East Gippsland.


Residents in the north east and East Gippsland are preparing for severe to extreme fire danger tomorrow.

Emergency warnings are being issued for areas around Bobinawarrah, Carboor, Kneebones Gap, Whorouly, Whorouly East and Whorouly South.

The bushfire is not yet under control and heavy ember attacks have started spot fires now travelling in a north-easterly direction towards Carboor.

Residents who could be impacted have been told to leave before conditions worsen.

Three fires remain at a watch and act level.

Two hundred evacuees have arrived at Hastings, on the Mornington Peninsula this evening, the last to be ferried out of the bushfire-ravaged coastal town of Mallacoota on HMAS Choules.

Military landing craft arrives with CFA members and evacuees in Hastings.

Emergency Management Commissioner Andrew Crisp says forecasts nearing 40C in fire affected regions tomorrow, followed by a cool change on Friday, could spell more bad news.

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"It's warming up tomorrow. Friday, we know that we're going to have those northerly winds again, we're going to have hot temperatures, and we know we're going to get that change coming through," he said today.

South Australia

South Australia is facing its second consecutive day of dangerous fire conditions with temperatures set to soar again.

Severe danger warnings are in place for the Kangaroo Island, Mid North, Yorke Peninsula, Lower Eyre Peninsula, Mount Lofty Ranges and Lower South East.

Despite desperate efforts from fire crews on Kangaroo Island, 140 people were evacuated last night ahead of mounting concern the fire will jump containment lines today.

Damage in the Flinders Chase National Park after bushfires swept through on Kangaroo Island.

High temperatures and strong gusty winds in areas around the state has prompted a severe weather warning for Lower Eyre Peninsula, Mid North, Mount Lofty Ranges, Yorke Peninsula, Kangaroo Island and Lower South East.

A third of the island has been burnt but the rest of it remains open for business.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has asked tourists to be patient with bushfire-affected holiday operators and to "cut them a break" when asking for refunds.

"If you've booked accommodation and you're now seeking a refund, can you cut them a break in terms of, at the very least, on the timing of when you might expect to see a refund," Mr Morrison said.

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