More than a dozen family members of a US man who called coronavirus "a hoax" have caught COVID-19, with one since dying.

Dallas man Tony Green hosted a party last month and 14 family members, including himself, later tested positive to the virus.

His partner's grandmother later died and his partner's father is in hospital on a ventilator, the New York Daily Post reported.

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Mr Green said he was a Donald Trump voter and thought the virus was a "scamdemic" created by Democrats.

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"I believed the virus to be a hoax. I believed the mainstream media and the Democrats were using it to create panic, crash the economy and destroy Trump's chances at re-election," he wrote in a newspaper column for the Dallas Voice.

 "It's definitely more contagious than some believe it to be, and the incubation period is controversial.

"There was no warning. Bam, all of us got it."

Mr Green was hospitalised with the virus after the party on June 13, along with his partner, parents and other relatives.

He now told the paper he's unhappy with how the US government is handling the pandemic.

"I'm displeased with level of misinformation, the lack of preparedness and the conflicting stories and reports about when it's safe, when it's not safe," he said.

Mr Green wrote of his guilt at potentially exposing his loved ones to the deadly illness.

"You cannot imagine the guilt I feel, knowing that I hosted the gathering that led to so much suffering," he wrote.

Texas, USA

"You cannot imagine my guilt at having been a denier, carelessly shuffling through this pandemic, making fun of those wearing masks and social distancing. 

"You cannot imagine my guilt at knowing that my actions convinced both our families it was safe when it wasn't.

"I am calling myself out first, but now this is personal, and I fell on my sword. "And I promise you, if we continue being more worried about the disruption to our lives than we are about stopping this virus, not one American will be spared."

Source: 9News