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Queensland expands testing amid ‘significant reduction’ in cases

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Queensland has recorded just 14 new confirmed cases of coronavirus overnight, bringing the state’s tally to 921.

Queensland has recorded just 14 new confirmed cases of coronavirus overnight, bringing the state's tally to 921.

"That 14 positive figure overnight is another great result for Queensland," Health Minister Steven Miles said.

"Of the 921 cases so far, we consider 743 of those to be active, meaning that 173 are confirmed to have recovered. Forty-three remain in hospital. Of those, 12 are in intensive care and 10 are ventilated."

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Queensland health authorities will be expanding testing in the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Cairns to see if there is any community spread.

Authorities are unsure how 32 people acquired the infection.

"I'm going to be asking healthcare workers to increase the people they are testing, even if they don't have any travel history," Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young said.

"It's a small number particularly compared to what we've seen happening in New South Wales and in Victoria, but it's enough that I'd like to do a little bit more testing."

It comes a day after the state recorded its fifth coronavirus-related death.

Hotel accommodation provided to health workers

Mr Miles and Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk also announced a $17.5 million plan to protect health workers by investing in accommodation close to their workplaces.

"This is for Queensland Health staff who are well, who are working hard," Mr Miles said.

"Who are there and may need to be quarantined or may still be able to work, but for whatever reason, their household circumstances means that they don't feel safe to be going home or quarantining at home.

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Mr Miles pointed to examples - like a parent of a child with an autoimmune disorder - as those who are in need of the service.

"They might have an elderly parent living with them, and all of those things can be taken into account," he said.

"It's sending a message to our health workers that no matter what, we have their back."

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