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Queensland angler’s Ooshie fishing hack takes off online

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Angler Mark Pace showed how he was using glow-in-the-dark Ooshies as teasers just above his fishing hooks.

A Queensland fishermen has invented a new use for the Woolworths Ooshie promotion, using the collectible toys as lures to catch fish.

Posting his new-found hack to social media, angler Mark Pace showed how he was using glow-in-the-dark Ooshies as teasers just above his fishing hooks.

It seems to have worked too, with Mr Pace showing off impressive catches of Red Emperor on his grocery-inspired rigs.

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"Any one have any glow in the dark Ooshies they don't want," Mr Pace wrote on Facebook.

"Happy to pay $1 each."

The inventive angler's post has since been shared more than 2,500 times and attracted a myriad of keen fisherman and women hoping to emulate his catch.

"Might have to raid the girls stash," wrote one commenter.

"There is a use for the useless bloody things after all," wrote another.

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Available as a promotion for supermarket giant Woolworths, Ooshies are small collectable characters made available to customers for every $30 they spend in store.

The demand for Ooshies has been so great that the entire stock of collectables ran dry in late September.

"It's apparent customers of all ages have loved collecting these Disney+ Ooshies and their popularity completely exceeded our expectations. Because of this, we expect the last of our stock to be collected by the end of this weekend," Woolworths' Chief Marketing Officer Andrew Hicks said on September 21.

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"I want to reassure our Victorian customers these lower stock levels do not apply to them.

"We created a separate allotment from when we delayed the launch of the program due to Stage 4 lockdowns and they can continue collecting in the weeks ahead while supplies last."

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