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Pubs of the West Coast

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Learn about some of the old pubs on Tasmania’s west coast!

Please note that not all West Coast pubs have been included in this article.

The Connolly brothers

In 1891, Thomas and Denis Connolly set up the Miners Arm Hotel in the historic locality of Dundas.

Thomas was in the middle of building another hotel in 1892 when he went bankrupt. He decided to leave Tasmania and try his luck at the goldfields in Western Australia.

Thomas later returned to Tasmania and established the Rosebery Hotel in the town of Rosebery. It burned down in 1999.

The Rosebery Hotel (c.1923).

Linda Valley Hotel

On Friday 1 December 1899, the Linda Valley Hotel opened in Gormanston. It was built mostly of pine, which contributed to its demise.

In the early morning hours of Monday 20 March 1922, the hotel caught fire and burned to the ground. Its licensee only just managed to escape the inferno.

The Empire Hotel

The Empire Hotel is located in Queenstown. It was built in 1901 at a cost £10,000 ($18,159). It opened for business in May 1901.

On Thursday 22 August 1901, the Zeehan and Dundas Herald published the following article about the Empire Hotel.

The Empire Hotel’s staircase is made out of Tasmanian Blackwood.

[T]his first class hotel […], which is a brick building containing 60 rooms, is a familiar object to visitors arriving at Queenstown by train, being situated by only the width of a street from and directly opposite the railway station. It is splendidly fitted up throughout, all the appointments being in a style which is surpassed in very few hotels in the States. The building contains over 30 bedrooms, public saloon, and private bars (the latter upstairs), billiard room (also upstairs), finished with one of Alcook’s best tables, drawing-room, commercial and reading room, private and public dining-rooms — the latter capable of seating 60 persons, and hot, cold, and shower baths, with lavatories both up and down stairs. A very great convenience, and one which is an innovation in Queenstown hotels is a letter box fixed inside the front main entrance in which letters can be posted up to within five minutes of the Post Office closing time for the outgoing morning and midday mails, when it is cleared by the officials on their rounds to clear the Government pillar boxes in various parts of the town. The various bars are stocked with the choicest brands of wines and spirits…

Telephones and electric bells are laid on to the premises; a night porter is kept; all trains are met on arrival; and the proprietor, who will personally supervise the management of the hotel, intends to spare no effort which will tend to make the Empire Hotel occupy the premier position among similar establishments on the West Coast of Tasmania.

Today, the Empire Hotel boasts twenty-four rooms, a bar, a restaurant, a bottle shop, and a gaming room. Its heritage-listed staircase is made out of Tasmanian Blackwood.

A 2021 photograph of the Empire Hotel, looking up the main street of Queenstown to Mount Owen.

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Source: Tasmanian Times

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