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Protection for renters to be discussed in PM’s National Cabinet meeting

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The national cabinet will receive advice from the federal and state treasurers on how to protect tenants and owners from the coronavirus-driven economic shock-wave.

Help for residential and business renters will be on the agenda when Scott Morrison meets with state and territory leaders on Friday.

The national cabinet, chaired by the prime minister, will receive advice from the federal and state treasurers on how to protect commercial and residential tenants and owners from the coronavirus-driven economic shock-wave.

Mr Morrison says the rent issue has been a focus of the national cabinet's work for more than a week.

He said retailer groups, landlords, banks and others had been constructive.

While the federal government's decision to create a JobKeeper payment for workers and business cash flow measures would assist, there would still be "significant disruption" to tenancies.

"What we are seeking to do, working with the states, is to ensure that there are the appropriate incentives in place for landlords and tenants to get together, particularly those who are under great stress," Mr Morrison says.

He urged landlords and tenants to work together.

"I tell you what the great incentive for a landlord is, if that tenant goes bust and can't pay rent. Then they've got no one paying rent and they'll be looking for a tenant in a very bad market six months from now."

The leaders agreed on a set of principles last Sunday including a six-month moratorium on evictions for non-payment of rent.

As well, landlords have been asked to provide relief through temporary amendments to leases, with the financial cost shared between governments, banks, landlords and tenants.

Real estate agents have reported above average results despite the outbreak of coronavirus.

Some states have also moved to bring in their own measures.

In NSW, rents for commercial tenants with fewer than 20 employees in government-owned properties have been suspended until the end of September.

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Queensland is providing relief for businesses who rent premises from the state government.

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