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Proposal for European-style private section on Bondi Beach

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Organisers of the proposal say the experience will replicate that of popular European destinations such as Mykonos, Capri and St Tropez.

A local Sydney business is petitioning to transform a section of the famous Bondi Beach into an exclusive customers-only beach club reminiscent of those in Europe.

The Amalfi Beach Club, named after the picturesque Amalfi Coast in Italy, is a commercial initiative that has submitted a proposal to Waverley Council to set up private beach cabanas on the sand, in which customers would be served food and drinks.

Arguing that because international travel is all but over due to COVID-19 restrictions, the organisers of the proposal say the experience will replicate that of popular European destinations such as Mykonos, Capri and St Tropez.

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To garner support the organisers have established an online petition to lobby the council to take its proposal seriously.

"Amalfi Beach Club is a commercial initiative to revive Bondi Beach, support local business and lift community morale following the COVID-19 crisis, which has decimated the local economy," the organisers write in the petition.

"This summer international travel will be limited. Those who may have sojourned to the usual European beach hotspots over our winter will spend the year in Australia supporting the local economy instead.

"Intrepid Sydney locals, however, need not fret, as we will bring 'Euro beach chic' to them."

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Organisers say that the operation will easily be able to abide with strict health protocols in the wake of COVID-19.

"In addition to celebrating our wonderful Bondi Beach in a new, vibrant and sophisticated way, which will help rebuild its international reputation in a post COVID-19 world, Amalfi Beach Club will be an important adjunct for local business to generate an income," the petition reads.


"By its very nature and style, socially distanced pre-booked beach cabanas, accompanied by personal service, the 'day club' will have the capacity to be set up, and capped in number, in accordance with the prevailing health regulations at the time."

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The Beach Club's Facebook page has divided followers, with many arguing that the beach should be free to all who use it.

"This is the most disgracefully elitist and totally out of step with the community proposal I have ever seen," one follower wrote.

"Locals don't want this and I will be doing all I can try and stop this horrendous privatisation of a public asset."

Others were warmer to the idea.

"Can't believe how many snow flakes are whinging, no wonder NSW is so boring, this is a great idea about time we bought some culture to the beach like the rest of the world ... well done," wrote another.

The proposal is currently before the council.

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