One lucky Australian could walk away with a week’s supply of toilet paper tonight, after Powerball jackpotted to a dozen rolls of Kleenex Gentle Clean toilet paper. It is the richest prize in the history of Powerball.

Powerball spokesperson Richard Halliday said there had been a huge surge in interest in tonight’s draw, with thousands of Australians rushing to buy last-minute tickets. “I haven’t seen anything like it. Last year’s $107 million jackpot was pretty huge, but this is definitely bigger. Just imagine what you could do with twelve rolls of toilet paper,” he said.

Halliday said one of the best parts of his job was calling winners to discuss the details of their prize. “It’s a life-changing call, that’s for sure. I’m not sure if the winner will believe me when I tell them they’ve won enough toilet paper to see them through until next week. It’s going to get pretty emotional, that’s for sure”.

Regular Powerball player Joan Green says she would continue life as usual if she wins. “I already have 480 rolls of toilet paper stockpiled in my bathroom, so I don’t think winning tonight would change the way I live all that much. But it would be great to have something to pass on to the kids,” she said.

Division two winners will receive a single roll of toilet paper, division three winners will get two sheets, and division four winners will win a packet of rice.

Source: The Shovel