A police officer has gone beyond his job description to rescue a wallaby struggling off shore at Bribie Island.

Constable Mick Brownlee noticed the wallaby about 10 metres from the beach and waded out knee-deep in an attempt to direct it back to shore.

The stubborn creature would not be discouraged from his swim however and failed to obey the directions of the Queensland Police officer.

Constable Brownlee was eventually forced to scoop up the animal and carry it back to the beach.

The wallaby appeared somewhat disoriented as it took a moment to dry off but was uninjured.

Source: 9News https://www.9news.com.au/good-news/queensland-police-officer-rescues-wallaby-off-bribie-island/39a904b5-a718-40bb-9edf-30de79e09756

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